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Controversy About Appearance/Non-Appearance of JYJ at 
IAG Opening and Closing Ceremony Events...

Bottom line: They Are the IAG Honorary Ambassadors. JYJ Should be a Huge Part of the Opening AND Closing Ceremonies.

C-Jes Entertainment’s Official Stance on IAG Part I:

JYJ was appointed as the honorary ambassadors of IAG in February 2014.

IAG Organizing Committee held a press conference saying, “We appoint JYJ, popular throughout Asian countries, in order to promote IAG abroad.”

While discussing JYJ’s role as the honorary ambassadors, C-Jes Entertainment signed a contract with the marketing and promotion subcontractor of IAG. This contract includes the following: Any events related to IAG inside and outside the country must be discussed with JYJ in advance, and JYJ must be considered first for the opening and closing ceremonies and conferences targeted to overseas media if any Korean singers or K-pop stars were to be invited. At that time the chairman of IAG Organizing Committee and others responsible for IAG promotion agreed upon JYJ’s honorary ambassador role, appearances in opening and closing ceremonies, and the final stage of the finale.

Later, JYJ released IAG’s official theme song “Only One” and filmed the music video. JYJ did their best to promote IAG: Recently, they filmed a commercial voluntarily; attended showcases held in Hanoi, Vietnam and Gwangjou, China last October and November; they adjusted their scheduled to attend the later cancelled Philippine event.

In a meeting with IAG Organizing Committee about a month ago, they asked us if JYJ could attend the Incheon Main stadium’s opening event and the opening and closing press events with the director of the event as honorary ambassadors. We applied that we will adjust our schedule to attend those events. However, we didn’t hear anything back from the organizing committee after that, and also were not informed of the news reports today.

In a recent phone conversation, IAG organizing committee said there is nothing confirmed. But in the media conference today they announced, “Many stars are to participate in 2014 IAG opening and closing ceremony,” and there was no mention of JYJ, the honorary ambassador. In that press conference we heard that not only the order of their appearance is in discussion but also JYJ’s appearance is not confirmed.

IAG organizing committee promised JYJ the final stages of opening and closing ceremonies of IAG. When they asked if Psy can share the finale with JYJ few months ago, we said it was our honor since Psy is respected senior singer of JYJ.

IAG must keep their promise. IAG organizing committee must keep their faith as an official entity. Four Billion Asians will not be able to understand the fact that JYJ was not even mentioned in the press conference when they were promoted as the face of IAG for more than a year.

C-Jes Entertainment’s Official Stance on IAG Part II:

If IAG Organizing Committee makes the employee who involved in selecting JYJ as the honorary ambassadors responsible for what happened or letting JYJ appear in the pre-opening ceremony as keeping promise with us, it will be their vain effort to hide the obvious truth. It is just not logical to anyone for the singers who actively advertised IAG for more than 1 year and sang the theme song to just attend the pre-opening ceremony.

As you are all aware, in July 2011 our appearance in Jeju event was cancelled the day before due to unknown reason when we already received the q-sheet and purchased the airplane tickets. We appealed this to the Fair Trade Commission, and they found this to be unfair act and commanded it to be stopped.

We remember the first meeting we had with IAG Organizing Committee regarding the activities of honorary ambassadors last May. We told them that JYJ went through so many hardships due to unknown pressure from outside. And we were afraid this maybe repeated in IAG. We made it clear that if these type of situations happened again, not only JYJ but also JYJ’s fans all over the world would get hurt, so if you cannot guarantee to keep your promise, we didn’t even want to start. The organizing committee members criticized what happened to JYJ in the past and promised that it will never happen in IAG.

We sincerely hope that IAG Organizing Committee breaking their promise is not the result of the same illogical, unfair pressure that hurt JYJ in the past. We wish many people hear our voice.

IAG Ceremony Stage Director Jang Jin's Interview:

JYJ’s main stage appearance is not confirmed while JYJ’s former agency SM’s EXO and Psy’s appearance is confirmed. This made people question.

The stage director Jang Jin made reference to this question, “there are some issues to be considered,” and “it is not related to the political issue that you are concerned about.”

He added, “One certain thing is that JYJ is included in the official opening ceremony,” and “because there is a performance by musical actors in the program, and if Kim Junsu participated in this performance, there could be an overlap with JYJ’s performance. We are at the final stage of fine-tuning.”


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JYJ Says It Never Received Notice about the July 1 ′Incheon Asian Games′ Press Conference

2014.07.01 17:55 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Erika Kim

JYJ said the reason it hadn′t appeared at the press conference for the Incheon Asian Games held on July 1 was because it hadn′t received any prior notice about the event. It also demanded the Games be fair and trustworthy in dealings with the group.

JYJ′s agency C-JeS Entertainment issued a release soon after the press conference was held.

JYJ Says It Never Received Notice about the July 1 ′Incheon Asian Games′ Press Conference
The release stated, "A month ago in a meeting, the Organization Committee asked whether JYJ could appear at the press conference, which would cover the opening and closing ceremony. We said we would attend after coordinating the singers′ schedules. The Committee didn′t contact us after that, and we did not receive any notice about the press conference held today."

It added, "The Organization Committee guaranteed us attendance at the opening and closing ceremonies as well as a finale performance. We said we would be honored especially to work with Psy, as he is a senior and a greatly renowned singer. The Incheon Asian Games needs to carry out the promises it made to us."

The group also demanded the Games reconsider JYJ′s status based on a clause that says JYJ must be given preferential treatment as honorary ambassador if the Games wishes to invite K-Pop stars to an event.

JYJ has been active as the honorary ambassador for the Games since February 2013.

The release ended with the hope that more people would take notice of the issue, and also with hopes that this incident wasn′t again the result of outside forces allegedly at work.

Photo credit: Newsen


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!! Don't ever mistake our silence for ignorance, our calmness for acceptance, our kindness for weakness!!

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