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A lot of things happened on this eps, Up and down….but I think there was a “sweet” moment among the murder, the fight, the failure, the questions. So, I choose this pic as my fav.
The touch of a hand. XD…..
Lets begin…


Han Tae Kyung…

Its kinda the same with eps.2, when Tae Kyung want to run, NO ONE can blocking him. LOL…..Thats why he called as a “Bull”.
Omo…our Tae Kyung treated like a criminal. And the ChunFace…ooww… and the yelling….
Sorry for the blur image, kinda hard to screen cap it. Don’t know if its good that I make this. It just I want to say….ChunNi really did a “natural” acting. On this scene, we can see his saliva.
I think maybe coz of this scene that made ChunNi got injure. He falls & hit on that stuff on his right shoulder. And after that he did those action with his left hand.
And here we go, our ChunFace, hehhe….and after the scene above, ChunNi wore that white thinghy behind his turtleneck shirt. I don’t know is it fate or what ? coz before he got injured, TK already love to wear turtleneck shirt. So, that white thinghy (a thing that can protect his shoulder) doesn’t really look obvious – And We can think it as his fashion style.
The thing we shouldn’t missed aka ChunNi’s eyelashes. XD

Yoon Bo Won

Yo Bo Won, I think she can do anything, LOL…..but maybe not for cooking? LOL…..She has a lot of halmeoni friends that can help her. LOL….
Bo Won has an interesting habit. XD…..She prefer write anything in her hands than write it on paper.
Ahhh…poor girl. It’s the 2nd time she passed out. From EMP and now coz the gun.


Han Tae Kyung n Lee Cha Young

After she failed to protect Hwang Yoon Jae and got shock coz of that, its nice that TK touch her arm. Its kinda like TK encourage her. You still can do ur job. But I don’t know, its just ChunNi’s adlib or on script.
 photo 11.jpg

Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won

Ahhh…its nice that you worry about her.
 photo 12.jpg
I like the story telling for this scene. At 1st they only gave us from LCY’s point of view and then they gave us from HTK’s point of view. Ahhh….so that’s why they know the place. It’s a good decision from BW to call TK. Btw, when they share their phone number? LOL…..ahhh…why they didn’t give us that scene. I know that TK had BW’s name card. Maybe it was BW who ask TK his number. Don’t think it was TK who gave her the phone number. LOL..
 photo 13.jpg
A very different expression….When that guy run, he didn’t chase him but prefer to see Bo Won.
 photo 14.jpg
I like the repetition on this couple. LOL…..I call them as a couple, XD…..
He helps her then she helps him. She call you back to earth (XD) then he call her too. I think it was the 1st time he call her name.
 photo 15.jpg
Its good that TK can get a rest for a while.
 photo 16.jpg
Bo Won….You don’t like TK accompany You? LOL…You should happy for TK now became ur protector. XD…..and TK’s expression when he said Witness Protection….ooww…so tender. Love it.
 photo 17.jpg
I also like the storytelling for this scene. They didn’t give us the “straight” scene. We just saw that TK stop from running then later they gave Us the explanation why he stop.
 photo 18.jpg
And that because of the key. The key chain kinda different. The face is more clear now. XD…
 photo 19.jpg
OMG…you two…’s better for both of you get rest and off course eat. XD
 photo 20.jpg
I think it wasn’t necessary for TK touch BW’s hand to give her the glass. LOL…..BW knows that TK will give her a glass, so he can just give her the glass near her hand then she can take it or he can just say “here, drink this” . LOL……but I love that he helps her with that. Hehe…TK is a touchy2 guy. LOL….
 photo 21.jpg
So, don’t you die. …….Owww…so sweet, now BW already has a place in ur heart? Eventhough there wasn’t an expression for that but I think BW felt something, LOL…..then she smile.
 photo 22.jpg
What an awesome statement? On the situation when its hard to trust people, that’s “BIG” statement.
 photo 23.jpg


Aahh….so it was right, there were 2 person behind those shoot. I knew there was someone open and closed the gate.
 photo 24.jpg
But it just I’ve never thought it was him. Although actually I had suspicion about him. Coz he always there n beside Leader Ham and he was so intense to want catch TK. And He is really so different on the pic. I try to zoom in when TK recognize someone there. On the pic, he wore glasses and had BIG smile, so different now. Its a good “incognito”…XD…..
 photo 25.jpg
Actually we already got his face on previous eps. But I didn’t notice him. Maybe coz only notice the boy who was scare and ask Leader Ham. Didn’t notice the man who wore that glasses and so scare and hide under the desk.
 photo 26.jpg
Then we got the same scene. I dont know if the sub is wrong or not. Coz its different from the previous eps. Pic above. Its cool that we got the same scene but when the camera move a little bit, it became a different story. And we also got more clear image of Hwang Yoon Jae.
 photo 27.jpg
Ahhh…another question arise. And it looks like that Kim Do Jin is a “scary” person. His face looks nice but hhhhmmmm….and that mini soldier statue. He cut the hand. Its kinda he is the one who set everything like he want. Not only for his toys but he did that on real world (politics) too. Set everything that give him advantage. For Mr. Pres, I think yes, he did a wrong decision before but now he wanna try to back to the right track.
 photo 28.jpg
And I saw 2 painting there. I thought it have meaning but unfortunately I’m not like Robert langdon (From Dan Brown’s novel), LOL…..that when see a painting, just right away know the title and the painter and know the meaning of the pic. But luckily, JYJ fans are awesome, hehhe….so I can know about the painting.
We got the Night Watch by Rembrandt, you can read it in here.
And also Dido’s Suicide by Liberale da Verona. you can read it in here.
 photo 29.jpg
When saw that Confidential 98 at Leader Ham’s house, I knew that it has many copy and the question was who keep the real one?
 photo 30.jpg
And then we know who is the one who keep it and it just waiting time when he will die. On politics word, Friends became Foe is common. Usually when the person became disadvantage.
 photo 31.jpg
Then there you go….our Tae Kyung who always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
 photo 32.jpg

The Number

And we got this from eps. 6….and, its good that Tae Kyung already get back his car and I will always remember the number…13-4147….LOL…
 photo 33.jpg


Ahhh…the 1st time that we got ending pic with 2 faces. Poor you LCY, the 2nd time facing Tae Kyung and must be so hard for you to decide. But If you really trust Tae Kyung, youwill know it wasn’t him that kill Chaiman Kwon. And actually, I dont know if I can trust you. We cant trust anyone, I think. XD……
 photo 34.jpg

End of 3 Days 3rd week.

 photo 35.gif
For read my recap and give comments. I really appreciate it.
PS: The pic represent our TaeBo’s again, XD….The hands.
If you read ChunNi’s interview on Singles Magazine…….
  • Q: I have heard that there is no romance in Writer Kim Eunhee’s works.
Yuchun: I wonder… I don’t know. Since it is a work that I have decided to do without even thinking about the romance from the start. So personally, I feel no regret. But not long ago, Writer-nim came out to the shooting set for a while and asked me about the romance part. However, there is still a lot Taekyung has to work out for now. So I don’t know how the story will unravel in the future.
So, I think We should say Thank you for Writer-nim….that she really try to write about the romance part. XD…

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