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To all Chunsa/JYJers….
I hope the “Hello” isnt that scary. LOL…..its represent Tae Kyung’s hand. XD…whom did a lot to Bo Won. LOL… looking to that I think U all should know what is my fav. pic for this eps.
This is it…..put his arm around her. Protection as an excuse for do that to someone who “belong” to him. XD…
Lets begin….


Han Tae Kyung…
When he scream, his face looks different, XD….that pointing the gun’s pose n glance are cool.
Nothing to say about this one. LOL….just want to screencap full of his serious face. XD….
U know what, I imagine that this scene also full of laugh. His face looks so serious n yeah in bad mood. But I think after that there U go our ChunNi who always love to laugh….hehehe….Thumbs up for all artist that can change their expression in just a second.
LOL on the ChunFace when he kick the gate. Yo Tae Kyung…..just kick all things that snag U. Super power Tae Kyung.
Eehh….Tae Kyung can fly. XD…..Sometimes I “laugh” when I see ChunNi running but on 3 Days, so far I havent laughed, XD….coz his hair still the same. I mean, his character has no bangs that always moving when he run. Good hairstyle, XD….Love his hairstyle.
Blessed the camera man. XD….Love all these shoot. We can see ChunNi’s “asset”. LOL……They wont give Us bare chest ChunNi, so We should happy to see his nice forehead, gorgeous eyes, long & curl eyelashes, nice ear, beautiful nose & sexy red plump lips……XD
Just enjoy all of these screencaps. XD….

Yoon Bo Won
Omo….Bo Wonie….finally Kim Do Jin know ur name n it will be more dangerous n its “nice” that KDJ told TK to make a call. XD….He knows that the girls are his weakness.
Its so rare that TK call BW. Usually its BW who call him. XD….n from the rareness, that time BW cant pick up her phone.

Aahh….BW already try hard to defence herself but coz of that man hit her head to the that thing (air purifier? ) that make her faint.
N what kind of witness that they must do the transfer with cover all her body. The witness isnt a dead body.
N coz of that, there must be a suspicious n its cool bodyguards actions.
N tada…Pres Lee: Oohh, its not Agent Lee, who is she? I think I’ve ever saw her face before.
Lee Cha Young
NO need to worry about CY, she can do anything everytime they caught her.


Han Tae Kyung n Pres. Lee Dong Hwi
Like Tae Kyung said before that he will protect him n he will keep that promise.
N I think Pres. Lee know it n no need to say: “Yes, OK” coz he know that everything he said, TK will still go there.
Han Tae Kyung n Yoon Bo Won
Aigoo…his friend really can be dead man if something terrible happen to Bo Won. N I think his friend can “see” his deadly gaze, LOL….coz he told Tae Kyung his excuse. XD..
I think before all these happened, Tae Kyung is a calm person n never yell to his friend. XD…..n btw, please dont ask everything he said. If he said Go Back, just DO IT. XD..
He knows that he will be Dead Man, XD….Just look at his face. LOL..
Just imagine, when U’ve arrived n see a lot of bodyguard. His face’s expression full of worry.
N Wow….Tae Kyung….U still can realize that U’re in public so U still call her with “Officer Yoon”. LOL…..n yeah, off course U cant hug her. XD
But sorry Tae Kyung….Pres Lee notice ur worry about ur “Officer Yoon”. LOL…
TK: “I cant do anything to make U awake like I did before.”
TK: “Ahhh…Thanks God, finally she awake”….”but why ur 1st question is about LCY?”….”Do U know how I feel? I feel so worry about U”….
TK: “ I dont have any idea about CY so sorry I cant answer ur question.”…. Pres. Lee: “ “There is something between TK n this girl.”
Ahhh luckily U “only” get that wound, Bo Wonnie….U really have nine lives….but its nice that someone who care about U, standing behind U to accompany U.
TK: ..”ahh, she never worry about herself n never wasting time, always want to tell me what happened right away.
N as usual our TaeBo teamwork. Love it.
Bo Won worry about what will happened to TK n TK feel that then he look at her eyes.
TK’s eyes: “No need to worry about me.” N coz we’re alone now so I can touch U again. XD….to express what I feel.
N the scene that I thought that I never get. XD
TK look at her eyes : “ She doesnt reject my touch (as always. LOL…..) n she’s just get injury (on her head only n she can walk without help. LOL…) so I can put my arm around her to help her n make her sure that I’ll be fine n it’s also a sign that I’ll always protect her. Tae Kyung…..
TK: “Is she feel something?”…..BW: “ Why U put ur arm around me?” ….TK: “ahh, she look at me”….”Hope she cant feel anything”.
N there U go the never ending – I look at U but when U look at me, I dont look at U. LOL….I hope U all understand what I mean, hahhaa…..Their eyes never met. Actually its kinda awkward for them but they have their own excuse for doing that. XD
Protective Tae Kyung n ChunFace. LOL….
I think beside her excuse that she couldnt do anything to help CY, I think deep down on her heart, its also because like what happened before at the hospital (Even though BW said sorry but he didnt want to look at her face). She doesnt want Tae Kyung mad again to her.
With just 1 sentence, there U go, TK’s “command” . XD…n what a “command”….U want become her shadow? Hehehe…..
Eehh…when TK have time to buy food? XD….maybe before that TaeBo went to grocery. Ahhhh…too bad we didnt get that scene. LOL….aahhh, poor Bo Wonnie…I think she still confuse with TK’s words…Is he really not mad at me?
N then TK look at her bloody wound…aahh…U’re so sweet, Tae Kyung…
What do U do when someone that U have a feeling really so close to U? Even though it just coz he want to change the bandage. LOL…..Open or close ur eyes? N Bo Won did both. LOL…
Ahhh, U’re a good nurse Tae Kyung…
N he’s really so detail. LOL…U did a good job Tae Kyung. No need to press the wound. LOL….
BW: “ Is he really2 dont mad at me? coz he’s so nice to me.”
Tae Kyung…..thank U for understanding BW’s feel…Yes, its so frustrating that U cant do anything n there U go, the final command. U can’t get out of there, Bo Won….
And tada after many consideration, LOL….n finally realize that TK didnt mad at her. She listen to him. OMG…Bo Won….U listen n agree with him. Hahaha….but its midday not midnight. Bo Won only obliged his command to sleep at his house.
N I think TK was surprised when heard Okay from Bo Won, XD…usually she has many reasons to not listen to him.
N as a reward to be a “good” girl, he said that dont worry about CY. N its also like TK gave BW a sureness that he’s not mad at her n also not blame her.
TK: “U can depend on me”….n thank U for give the spirit for her….U’re a cheerful lady, Bo Won……the sunshine on his life. N thank U that writernim didnt give us ridicolous scene like, out of the blue TK kiss BW on this scene. LOL…..
N there U go, our Bo Wonie become a “wifey”, LOL…..Btw, her smile kinda different between when she look at the young TK’s pic n adult TK, hehe…aahhh….unfortunately U dont have ur pic alone Tae Kyung, hehehe….
He’s definitely know who is the guest. LOL…..kinda “mad” coz once again she didnt listen him.
Ahhh…Bo Won feel guilty coz she came to his office didnt listen to him.
N LOL Tae Kyung…..okie, its a public place aka his office, so must call her on formal.XD…n LOL…TK repeat his command as his question to her. N yeah, Bo Wonie…U answer him with another question. XD…n I think TK kinda “mad” when he answer her question. He didnt want to look at her eyes. I think on TK’s mind was like “Is she really care about CY but not really care about my feeling that doesnt want she get trouble again?…..
Maybe coz the “cold” reaction from TK, BW immediately want to talk about her reason why she came to his office n got TK’s attention.
Then we got this scene. OMO…Pres. Lee know that BW stay at TK’s home. XD…..
Ahhh…its nice that Pres. Lee remember her.
N off course before we ask something from someone, we should do a little chit chat. XD…
Yup…Pres. Lee is so true…
OMG…what a request? Raise ur hand Ladies, who want to take good care of him? XD….
Oooowww…Pres. Lee became a Cupid. LOL…..I think Pres. Lee always considers Tae Kyung as his own son. Eventhough he was just once to see Tae Kyung’s reaction towards Bo Won but he can know TK’s feel n think he give his bless to our couple thats why he ask Bo Won to do something. But on the other side, BW hasnt knew whats TK’s feel toward her n thats why she didnt answer Pres. Lee’s request. I think on BW’s mind, as what if she take that responsibility. As a police that will always help him or as a Lover that will always take good care of him. N the safety anwer is dont answer the request.
Luckily for Bo Won, Pres. Lee moved on to another request. XD….n the way she look at Tae Kyung when gave that thing, its looks like..”This is the request that I could fulfil n I’m so sure that even though they gave us the 1st request scene from Pres. Lee, Bo Won didnt tell Tae Kyung about it. XD….Only the 2nd one.
OMG..Tae Kyung…what a question? I think there were 2 possibilities why he ask that.
  1. coz he think that thing is a secret n coz BW “famous” with her disobedience, LOL….he ask that.
  2. coz he want a shortcut, LOL….just tell me what is it on this envelope.
But Poor Bo Wonie….his question was like distrust to her.
Is it really exist that kinda Card USB? That cool. N yeah, BW…U should see sneak peek what is on that envelope. XD.
BW: “OMO…Tae Kyung….dont look at me like that. Swear that I didnt see it.”
U know what, I think on Romantic Comedy, this kind of scene can become a laughter/romantic scene. Like they move into the same way twice n then the male can stop them doing that by put his arm to her shoulder. Then he can just move to his way or he can kiss her. LOL….
But our TaeBo is a team n Tae Kyung must immediately open it coz its so important. N coz BW think thats a secret n she doesnt want TK has another negative thinking for her, she stands kinda far.
N coz she didnt look at him n maybe coz no reaction so far from Tae Kyung finally she took a peek to TK n coz she saw his expression, she knew that something wrong happened.
Thats good that Tae Kyung use “We” not “I”…..coz yup, U cant do it alone.
N there U go, Bo Won back to TK’s house. Did she go back alone or TK drive her? XD…
Yoon Bo Won n Lee Cha Young…
Omo…Cha Young also knew that BW stay on TK’s house? LOL….Why she didnt call TK on his phone. I think that time, TK still can pick up his phone. XD…or maybe she call him on his phone but he didnt pick up. So, the 2nd number she should dial is TK’s home phone. XD….But, hei…we need BW in action….so never mind. XD…
N off course, we prefer to see BW who find CY than Tae Kyung. LOL….n this also can help BW erase her guiltyness coz she can find her.


Not really get many “7” on this eps.
Which one do U like? BW chose the HipHop…
Aiihh…why side by side? XD…
Aahh…a new pic….Nice…n little TK wore Blue not Gray. XD….


Omo…what path that KDJ’s dad took before? N he was also had “co operate” with Falcon? Like father like son? Maybe he took different way with what Falcon wants?
CY didnt die but wonder what will happened to KDJ. Will TK kill him? But I dont want TK kill him. For TK, I dont want he kill someone for the second time. For KDJ, I think DEAD isnt the best judgements. He should get punishment (jail) for what he did. Coz if he die. Just thats it. He doesnt feel anything just die. THE END. Refer to the previous KEH’s drama, the bad man suicide. Hmmmm…dont want that too. Suicide is a coward action.
N we get another traitor on secret service.
N they really want Us to believe that Chief Kim Sang Hee is the traitor.
Coz when there was a talk about the traitor or about the plan, we got Chief Kim’s scene after that.
But they also gave Us scenes that made Us think that Pres. Lee n him have their own plan. With the command to stay in your position.
N told secret service that Pres. Lee is missing. Oww, how come he can missing coz U were guard him by standing in front of the door.
Wow….the chess pawn….
Ooww…Pres. Lee….U really dont know what is TK’s character? He is a stubborn man.
Aahhh…this is normally scene. XD….after run, U cant focus for what U see.


Maybe this will be the last ending that We got three faces?

To be continued……..

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