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LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE this eps…. photo LosAngelesGirl011.gif
I never thought a “simple” words can have a big meaning and our TaeBo are ssssooooooo CUTE…..  photo LosAngelesGirl015.gif
We didn’t get a lot of TaeBo’s scene on this eps. Only from minute 19:47 till 25:10. A Very precious moment from our TaeBo. TaeBo’s scene is like “LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS”. XD….But their pics are most half from all pics on this eps recap. LOL…
I really love the pace of TaeBo’s relationship. Not forced at all and flow so natural. For a action thriller drama, it’s so AWESOME.
And my fav scene from this esp, definitely this one.
 photo 01.jpg
It just like a “common” talk but actually have a deep meaning. And Writer-nim, coz U already made Tae Kyung said that to Bo Won, its aPROMISE and it must be fullfilled. They both will not DIE and I’m sure 100% now. XD….A HAPPY ENDING.   photo GifBigHeadCat017.gif
Lets begin….


Han Tae Kyung , Yoon Bo Won and Lee Cha Young….

Aahhh the Triangle……It’s so nice that BW still accompany CY at the hospital. The “pppsstttt” from BW and Tae Kyung’s expression looks so funny for me. XD….
 photo 02.jpg
And this one was the only sentence/question that Tae Kyung ask to Bo Won on that room and its about CY. XD….Yo Tae Kyung, I know You’re in hospital now (and still feel guilty) but please no need to put that “serious” face. Luckily BW reply him with a nice answer and smile
 photo 03.jpg
Then Tae Kyung look at CY and check her from a far. XD….Btw, on this scene. ChuNi’s skin looks so milky white and his lips is so cherry red. XD…
 photo 04.jpg
And Oooohhh our Bo Wonie looks uncormfortable with TK’s expression and she looks kinda “understand” her position there. Like doesn’t wanna interrupt on whatever relationship between TK & CY.
 photo 05.jpg
BW: “I think its time for me to go home”…and Tae Kyung finally realize Bo Won also in that place. XD….Btw, look at the picture behind them. It’s Three Sun Flower’s pic. Some of the meaning are Loyal and Care. Its like TK & CY’s relationship. He care about her but that’s it and with BW, think he will care & loyal to her. XD…
 photo 06.jpg
Do you know that I wanna do this to Tae Kyung. LOL…. photo Gif115.gif
With his poker face, he just looked at her. Never said anything. Aigooo…..
 photo 07.jpg
I think BW already try hard to made him say anything.
 photo 08.jpg
And then she realize that useless to try hard make him speak. XD…and then she just gave her smile.
 photo 09.jpg
So, it’s better to give him a farewell.
 photo 10.jpg
And he still say nothing. BW: “aahhh, OK…..he doesn’t feel anything to me”
 photo 11.jpg
OMG Tae Kyung…..You just let her go. WITHOUT Say anything?
 photo 12.jpg

Han Tae Kyung & Yoon Bo Won

She know, no more danger now and it’s really no reason for her to stay there but she’s not ready to say goodbye so soon.
 photo 13.jpg
BW: “What should I do? “
 photo 14.jpg
LOL….texting Thank You once again. You just said that. What kind of greeting that you wanna give to him? XD…..Btw, If we count, I think Tae Kyung is the one who must say Big Thank You for ypu. Coz you did A LOT for him. You should get a reward for that.
 photo 15.jpg
The moment I thought “Why you didn’t chase her Tae Kyung?”…I heard that “Sergeant Yoon”…..aigooo….It’s only both of them there but he still call her with that formal. Aiiihhhhh….But I was happy, at least I thought finally he wanna say something.
 photo 16.jpg
But off course, it was a shocking moment for Bo Wonnie…..BW: “ OMO….what he wanna do? “
 photo 17.jpg
And by looking to TK’s expression (LOL)….it’s better for her just say Thank You again.
 photo 18.jpg
And runaway ASAP. LOL…But DANG….We got a question that never thought can out from his mouth. LOL….and even BW was surprise. XD…
 photo 19.jpg
And finally TK Fed BW. LOL…..The 1st time BW came to his house, he even didn’t give her a drink. XD…..and the 2nd time, he “only” gave her water to shower and no breakfast. XD…and the 3rd time, even though he bought grocery, I don’t think BW eat that. LOL….So, this is it. Finally. XD…and the food looks yummy but WOW…so many. And when I saw him take the MENU again, OMG…….he wanna order again?
 photo 20.jpg
Btw, I think before he call the waiter again, there was no chat between them. LOL…So, BW lifted up her head coz wanna know what he wanna doing. But then realize that he didn’t talk to her so she looked down again. XD..
 photo 21.jpg
And when heard TK order again, finally she speak. XD….
 photo 22.jpg
Aahhh…poor you Tae Kyung…Hope you’re not get sick because of that. And BW understand that.
 photo 23.jpg
BW: “He ask me to eat, ahh….finally he say something nice”….And BW gave her smile.
 photo 24.jpg
Think Korean Bus have stopped running at 12 am (just correct me if I’m wrong). The sniping happened around 8 pm. Dont know what time TK back to Blue House and then went to hospital. And now, she must eat a lot of food. If you dont ask her to eat, she will not miss the Bus, you know….XD…. You really had a “plan”…..XD….and a Cab is a No No…. so expensive. And We don’t really know how far that Seojori from Seoul.
 photo 25.jpg
But We have our Optimistic BW, XD….
 photo 26.jpg
When I saw this shoot….”OMO….what he wanna say”….and thats it, he said that….XD
 photo 27.jpg
From looked down and finally he look at her eyes.
 photo 28.jpg
And then he said something that he thought than can make her more comfy with his “command” and said that without that “serious” looks.
 photo 29.jpg
But off course our Bo Wonnie still not comfy with that idea. And I think TK already recognize BW’s sign when she’s nervous. She bites (don’t know the exact word in English word, XD…) her lips.
 photo 30.jpg
A little dissapointed and it’s TK…he will ask something that might be uncomfortable for someone he ask. XD….So straight to the point question. XD….and off course our Bo Wonnie said NO like she said at the 1st time. Uncomfortable mean she has something2. XD….
 photo 31.jpg
So, she must take that idea even though she’s really too nervous and try hard to change that awkward situation.
 photo 32.jpg
And LOL…..what a question Tae Kyung?
 photo 33.jpg
Ooowww, Bo Won is cute when she’s sulking. XD
 photo 34.jpg
And I think TK like to see her sulking. LOL….He had a little smile there.
 photo 35.jpg
Oooowww…Tae Kyung….what a statement? But it’s so true. But it’s nice that he can talk about that jokingly. Yeah, You took that job and You know the consequences.
 photo 36.jpg
But it made our Bo Wonnie shocked.
 photo 37.jpg
While BW still stunned with that statement, TK prepare his last “shoot”. XD….Drink 1st. LOL…
 photo 38.jpg
And this is it. He know that no reason for them to continue meet. But with saying that it means that he realize that he feel something to BW and admit it. Btw why it sounds so romantic? Hahaha….
 photo 39.jpg
And he want do it quickly. ASAP….LOL….yeah…don’t wasting time Tae Kyung. I likey the way he looks to BW.
 photo 40.jpg
And  Bo Won get shocked and then realize that everything she heard is true. Not her imagination. BW: “He feel the same like me”
 photo 41.jpg
And now Tae Kyung is more nervous than BW, XD…..waiting for her answer even though BW already give her smile. LOL…
 photo 42.jpg
And this is it. The answer thats he’s looking for. Btw, when watched this eps without sub, I wonder what kind of word that she say. Looks cute with her tounge between her teeth. LOL….
 photo 43.jpg
Btw, did you feel “distracted” with ChunNi’s lips on this scene? LOL…..I love his relief, his little smile and his eyes looks so happy. He’s so cute…..
 photo 44.jpg
And BW fly to the sky. LOL……and I think We all were like that when watching this scene. Giggle.
 photo 45.jpg

Han Tae Kyung and Pres. Lee Dong Hee

TK save him and I thought Pres. Lee got shoot.
 photo 46.jpg
TK worry about Pres. Lee’s condition but confuse with his reaction.
 photo 47.jpg
Wow…Tae Kyung. Sit with a little relax please and it’s like a father ask his son.
 photo 48.jpg
Aahh…Tae Kyung, if they told you the plan, don’t think the plan will work.
 photo 49.jpg
I’m so agree with urs Pres. Lee…but TK looks still not satisfied with it.
 photo 50.jpg
And there you go another posibility but Pres. Lee still can answer it. XD
 photo 51.jpg
And the final statement. You don’t need to questioned it again and thinking “what if”…coz everything has done.
 photo 52.jpg
Ahhh….Pres Lee offering his hand. It’s an honour.
 photo 53.jpg
And Secret Service Tae Kyung already “grown up” now. His expression is so different now with the 1st time he started the job.
 photo 54.jpg
Oooww…..Thank You…..
 photo 55.jpg
This was so sad, it’s like their last time and never meet again.
 photo 56.jpg

Han Tae Kyung and Chief Kim Sang Hee

The complaint.
 photo 57.jpg
Ahhh…the touch..the encourage….Think before what happened, they’re not that “close.”
 photo 58.jpg

Yoon Bo Won and Pres Lee…

Aahh its nice that BW “escort” him till his car.
 photo 59.jpg

Yoon Bo Won and Lee Cha Yeong

Aahhh…no chat between them.
 photo 60.jpg


Han Tae Kyung…

Wow….he run so fast.
 photo 61.jpg
Aahhh….ChunNi in Spring.  photo Gif107.gif
Nice jacket and so handsome…..
 photo 62.jpg
Nice shoe. XD…..yeah, dont drive too slow. XD
 photo 63.jpg
Just some of ChunNi’s expression. XD…
 photo 64.jpg
As usual….ChunNi’s eyelashes….
 photo 65.jpg


Aahh…at 1st, I thought the same like KDJ’s thought….coz I heard the gun shoot but thought Tae Kyung got in time to save Pres. Lee.
 photo 66.jpg
And then got this scene. Ahhh, so this is Pres. Lee’s plan.
 photo 67.jpg
And it’s nice that someone that we already trust, really is someone who can be trusted.
 photo 68.jpg
Yeah, thats a good idea to do that.
 photo 69.jpg
Yeay….Bodyguards in action.
 photo 70.jpg
Then we got the flashback scene that can make us more understand and I want the same thing for KDJ.
 photo 71.jpg
A Promise.
 photo 72.jpg
We got the same scene but with more explanation.
 photo 73.jpg
Aiiiihh…hate KDJ’s expression.
 photo 74.jpg
There you go, another traitor.
 photo 75.jpg
Aiihhh…thats so stupid. Keep the invitation at office and no need words, just see his expression we know he’s a guilty man.
 photo 76.jpg
I understand Pres. Lee’s desicion to resign and Bingo Tae Kyung.
 photo 77.jpg
OMG…he’s the same man.
 photo 78.jpg
Ahhh…the final plan. They all really so ready. Prepare so many plans.
 photo 79.jpg
Ah yeah, he’s right. Eventhough Pres. Lee resign. He will be called to court.
 photo 80.jpg
I got a bad feeling when saw that guard looked down.
 photo 81.jpg
Especially when saw KDJ’s expression.
 photo 82.jpg
Its good that SP Choi still don’t “scare” with that looks.
 photo 83.jpg
OMG….why he came?
 photo 84.jpg
And there you go…something that I feared will happen and with the creepy background music when finally we can see the guard’s face.
 photo 85.jpg
Ahhh…it really happened when saw them get out from there.
 photo 86.jpg
And we already got 9 people die. Hope no more.
 photo 87.jpg
But SP Choi did the same thing like Chief Kim the last time they met TK. Hope he would not die.
 photo 88.jpg
And we got another suspect. Even though it was late but that’s good to ask to other person who involved.
 photo 89.jpg
Actually we can guess who was the traitor. We got that “tie” scene before. And it’s Blue not Red.
 photo 90.jpg
I like this kind of storytelling. Same scene but different story, depend to who the storyteller.
 photo 91.jpg
Ahhh….You should think fast and also don’t waste time even though you have no idea what happened.
 photo 92.jpg
Ahhh…what that gunshoot? It’s a lot….
 photo 93.jpg

The Things

My number…
 photo 94.jpg
Hi Car….Long time no see. XD..
 photo 95.jpg
Is there other phone they use? Coz its different with the one that someone use to call KDJ. It was Black phone but those 2 phones are White.
 photo 96.jpg
See that phone he used. It was white andactually I don’t think its on the same position that TK looked at. It looks that he use TK’s phone. XD….He was in hurry and TK’s phone is on the nearest place.
 photo 97.jpg


Aahhh…the 1st time that we didnt get TK’s face on the ending. Hope on eps. 15 will be TK’s face only and on the final eps, it will be TaeBo’s…XD…..
 photo 98.jpg


Coz on March 14th at 8.30 PM, we already got this scene before. So, We know that Pres. Lee will not be with SS. Only Tae Kyung will there. Will Tae Kyung kill KDJ? Hope not. And don’t know how Pres Lee andn KDJ can be together on that place. Where is KDJ’s man? Hope there will be no sniper again.
 photo 99.jpg
But actually I want Tae Kyung got shoot, LOL….but it wont make him die off course. Just make him must stay on hospital. Want Bo Won take care of him. XD….and CY will visit. He’s her “best” friend. XD…
And hope eps. 15 will end on that time. LOL…Then we got the final judgement for KDJ n then on March 15th at 9.00 AM, Pres. Lee can do what he wanna do.
 photo 100.jpg
Then maybe we can get time jump, 3 months later maybe? XD…..We dont know how TK can meet BW again. Is Bo Won will back to her town on March 14th? Maybe she will stay in Seoul coz she heard about the murder of SP Choi. She must be wanna help or maybe she’s worry about Tae Kyung so she hasn’t back yet to her hometown?
Ahhh…so many maybe, XD…but 1 thing I want for the finale are Pres. Lee & TaeBo save. A HAPPY ENDING.
But whatever the ending will be, wanna say….
 photo 101.jpg
To Writernim who already make a wonderful journey on this drama and you gave us that Sweet Dinner Scene. LOL….That Thank You represent that. XD….and I hope You won’t disappointed us and please don’t forget to give us one Memorable Kiss Scene. XD. Hope that additional script will be for TaeBo’s scene.
 photo Gif97.gif photo Gif06.gif
I even accept these kind of kiss scene. LOL…
Tae Kyung’s face must be so cute. LOL…. photo 1731915531701135937.gif
Or like this…From Tae Kyung, it will be romantic too. photo 3995818769384889088.gif
But off course its better like this. XD  photo 4546946773785202924.gif
Ooohhh, should not forget to make Bo Won wear a dress. Ahhhh….she hasn’t get a chance to wear pretty dress, XD….Just want to see TK’s surprise expression. XD….
Also Thanks to All for read my recap and give comments.

End of 3 Days 7th week

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