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The boy's letter is also one of my favorite JYJ's songs! I love everything about this song cos it showcases JYJ's amazing vocals and harmonization be it low or high notes. So to make review for the performances is an honor for me (of course by the order from my boss, Roweina) specially for GG's birthday (one of the troll, pervy, ranter and funny members of JYJ Caffeine). So enjoy ya!


All 3 had NO Good’s hairstyle, hehhe....Got a little distractions coz can see JS’s belly. Lol....and JJ’s arm, hahha.....For Chunnie, hhmmm...cant really see him, lol....For a song like this, sometimes kinda afraid if they cant hit the high note. But so far, I think all is fine.

NO Good hairstyles? Why? I think for JJ and JS it’s ok, but for YC yea that bowl hair, I know you don’t like it but I’m ok with it hehe. JS’s belly, lmao. His clothe reminds me of YC’s during their performance of Purple Line back in 2008, similar clothe where we can see his belly lol. Nah don’t worry, they will be fine hitting high note. Junsu’s amazing voice…goosebumps ^^ But at 0.44 YC got the wrong lyric? Cos it sounded different from the original version or was it his lyric adlib? Lol


Chunnie’s tattoo distract me, lol.....Only Chunnie who wore the same outfit like on Bangkok’s perf. Btw, if u dont get the best position to make a fancam. That is the best way . But we cant see the others expression when they dont have the part of singing.


YC’s part at “giraaaaaaaa honjaseon”, I fell head over heels for him for that, the way he sang it is so beautiful to me ^^ Brings back memories when I first listened to this song, YC stole my heart with his voice in this song hahahahaha..that’s from bias side, from unbias side once again Junsu gave me goosebumps with his high voice! By the way JJ’s hair was a lil bit long during this concert and he was fully covered. And I think YC liked that purple outfit so much, he wore it always and never changed and enjoyed showcasing his sexy tattoo on his milky white chest


Sorry, on this vid, u cant see JS. Only can hear JS’s voice. And this vid also isnt finish. But we can see JaeChun’s moment. I like to see Chunnie’s looks to JJ everytime they sang face to face. Its kinda they adjust each other voice. Hhhmm....I dont know what the best word for that. lol.....


Awwwww soulmate moment from 1.03, can see the way YC looked at JJ hehehe so lovely bromance in the air. And while jaechun were having their sweet moments together singing low notes, JS was enjoying his high note alone lol. Even though no sight of JS but still just listening to his voice is giving me goosebumps.

Van Couver

Another unfinished vid, lol.....but on this vid, we can see a “solo” perf by JS & “duet” by JaeChun, hehhe...

Lol the background video is anime. Yeah Jaechun’s duet high note omg me likey! This fancam is so up-close to the stage, we can see all JYJ clearly from front view, lucky fan whoever recorded this. And to see them from front view YC looked the biggest here, haha his broad shoulders are nicely showcased in this vid. And yes as usual JS’s solo high note performance, this guy is really something huh. His vibration voice is <3 ^^

Newark close....I dont know if this was the 1st perf that they walk to the stage like that or not and as always like on the position. YC-JJ-JS. Hehe....At 2.34 we can see JS’smile, and JS also use another accesories. He wore big necklace.

Omg this fancam is full of screaming. Aigoo that’s so irritating but thank god it’s an HD video. Yup the first time for me too to watch this song performance where they went out in that YC-JJ-JS position. Haha Junsu’s smile, yea so sweet. Starting from 1.10, JJ got teary eyed? He looked a lil bit sad and his eyes were red? or maybe it’s just sweat? Ahh I guess it’s sweat

Los Angeles

At 2:00....the 1st time JJ didnt facing Chunnie. I think he had problem with her earphone....(lol....forget whats the word for that, hhhe....)

Omo the stage is sooooo dark! Oh the lights came out late lol. Then we can see JJ’s tiny legs shining from afar with that leather pants. I hope I have that size too for my legs. Haha JJ had problems with his earphone, poor Chunnie JJ didn’t look at him this time hahahaha but later on JJ looked at him lah. Soulmate forever ^^

San Jose

At 0:51.....Chunnie’s solo with JJ & JS as backing vocal, lol....At 1:57....JJ as JS’s backing vocal and Chunnie did nothing, hahha....At 4:50....Chunnie close her eyes...ooowww..

During YC solo and JJ & JS did the back vocal, you can see JJ and JS had same hand gestures lol, and it’s parallel. During Jaechun’s duet JS just looked at them haha and Jaechun can read each other’s mind, they turned their faces almost at the same time when their turn came and this time it’s JJ and YC had the same hand gestures while singing. Love how JJ’s voice harmonized YC’s voice ^^ yea he closed his eyes and then opened it abruptly, too much feels I guess


On 1st day concert, their standing position was like that. Dont really like that position when sing a song like this. But luckily on the duet part, JaeChun still facing each other. Btw, only can see JS’s back. And that time, they wore new outfit for this song.

 Oh yeah finally new outfits and no more distracting clothes from YC which we can see his tattoo. We can only see JS’s back but hey we get to see a clearer view of his duckbutt lol! The formation was like that maybe bcos the round stage, they wanted to make sure everyone can see at least one of the member’s face while singing and not just see their butts kekeke

I prefer their standing position like on the 2nd day. But, hmmm....whats up with YooSu’s different position? Lol....


So this is the second day? Ahh this video is quite special cos one kind soul made it as karaoke version and subbed it in hangul, Romanization and English translation. The video is also HD and it looks like a professional video, not a fancam. So we can sing along and know the meaning of the lyrics. Owh the standing position was no longer round-shaped formation, so audiences at the back only can see everyone’s back then. Ermm YC’s face looked so thin here. He lost weight so much this time due to the super tight schedule >< Btw this performance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to watch, trust me.


This is the last performance for The Boys Letter before TD’s concert. They didnt sing it on Europe & South America concert. I like JS’s hair. Btw, eehh...I think this is the 1st time I see they use blink2 microphone? Or I just never notice it? Lol.....oh, on the stage floor it has JYJ’s letter.


Oh they didn’t sing this song for their European and South American tour? Lol bling2 mics..hahaha like Hollywood hip hop stars. Yea I think this is the first also for me to see they used those bling2 mics. Yup it has JYJ letters but Jaejoong stood on the Y letter and Yoochun stood on J letter, lol and only Junsu maintained his right position standing on his own initial letter J. I can see YC’s jawline clearly in this vid, skinny days of YC, no more now, only meats and it covers his jawline lol.

Tokyo Dome

Unfortunately this is Day 2 concert vid so cant see Chunnie’s eyeliner. I like they walking together to the main stage. At 0:13 JS waving his hand. Btw only JS who doesnt always has serious expression on this perf. Lol.....Like on Newark can see his smile. But JJ & YC always put serious looks. Lol....ofclah...this is “serious” song. Coz special concert so the ending also different. There were JYJ’s member letter.....aaahh....I wanna know what they wrote. I hope on the DVD there will be translation for that. Or, there were already translation for that? I dont know about that.

Brand new JYJ! Yellow headed Junsu, red headed Jaejoong and black headed Yoochun, they looked stunning hot with those black and white suits! Haha yes I use headed and not haired lol cos far away their heads looked so colourful. And during this con I think YC’s jawline had already covered up by meats in his cheeks? Hahaha..while YC is getting chubbier, JJ is still thin, aigoo I want his legs, let’s exchange our legs joongie ah. We can see Red Ocean filling up the concert venue, so proud of all fans who had been waited and gave full supports to them to make the TD concert as a new history for JYJ as well as for fans! JYJ fighting!

This is Ro's and my little humble present for Gigi, hope you enjoy watching^^ Once again I'm wishing @geenvyme aka gigi a happy birthday. May god bless you and your whole family. Be happy always cos it can keeps you young forever or aging backwards just like your Jaejoong

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  1. Kyahhhhh another favorite of mine!
    Beautiful heartfelt song...Full of meaning.