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This review is specially for our Y's @yuya birthday cos In Heaven is her favorite JYJ song.  I believe many JYJ fans like this song too, so do I, it's a very special song written by Jaejoong hyung.  This song is just  perfect, the harmonization between JYJ is incredible! JJ's soothing voice, YC's deep voice and JS's husky voice, added with Jaesu's amazing high notes collaboration and YC's beautiful deep and low voice
So on this very date, October 14th, 2013, I'm wishing Yuya a full of blessing birthday. May every your wish comes true.  Live and enjoy your life to the fullest. Be happy always and please forgive me for any wrong i did to you.  hahahaha..It's such a bless for me to get to know you..Love ya! 
YY.....I hope we’re right about In Heaven is your fav song? Hahha.....coz u made a review for this song on The JYJC Magz 2nd ed without discussion, lol....I knew you were kinda misunderstanding about our songs’ review, hehhe.....and to be honest when u ask us about what is your fav song, & Z were kinda got heart attack, u know, hahhaha.......and immediately we post this sticker, hahhaha.......... image
Btw, this is a “serious” song but sorry that we still make a “fun” of these performances. Especially coz we use a lot of “Tropical Forest”
Lets enjoy all performances.....

I think thats not the best outfit for this kind of song. “Too sporty” outfit? And btw, hmmm....Chunnie...why you chose so different style for the shirt? Lol... I like the live version from Chunnie’s naration on the beginning of the song.  For this song there are JaeChun’s duet & YooSu’s duet too.
Yeah a lil bit sporty and didn’t fit the song’s concept but ok lah.  What’s wrong with the shirt Ro? Haha you’re scared you would see his tropical forest? Lololol sorry just kidding Chunnie, I still love him with or without forest. 
LOL....yeah, u know what I mean, hahha......kinda scared. XD....

At 1:12.....Chunnie’s magic hands with the mic? ...(hhhmmm.....what we call it yeah? Playing mic like that? Forgot that Chun’s dictionary for it, lol......)
Chunnie’s hidden talent is in magician field.  Is there a special word for that? I don’t know either lol.   
Z....we just call it Magician

OMG....I’ve just realized now that the 1st & 2nd J in the JYJ letter have a different shape. Lol.....why I never notice it? Hahha........Btw, hhhm....I think this is the 1st time I see JS’s sang a high note has a same style with JJ’s. Bowing’s that the right word?
Omo thanks to you I just noticed it now lol.  Yeah those two J letters have different pattern.  The first J is capital letter and other J is not! Ahh I get it now   Well is it the first time for me? Don’t remember cos I watched a lot of their performances, I think I’ve seen it before JS sang a high part with crouching his neck.  Yea it can be called bowing too, I guess lol.
LOL.....u also never notice it, hahha....its kinda weird coz I even notice and made analysis before about the arragement of JYJ’s letter.....its up not down...hhhmmm....but why never notice it, yeah....Beware of Tropical Forest on this pic yeah, hehehe...

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At 0:04.....hhmmm...Chunnie really looks tired. And started from this concert, at the beginning naration use the same like on the record (original song). At 4:12...the different style from JJ & JS when take a high note.
Ro does have an eagle eye in tailing YC’s movement lol.  At first I couldn’t find where is YC at 0.04, then he appeared right behind JJ walking with holding his waist? What’s the word ya? Yea maybe he’s exhausted after performing I Love You song with an exotic performance lololol. coughrubbingtuttttcough   His hair also looked so messy but it was sexy to me hahahaha.  Omg at 4.12, goosebumps!  Combination of JJ and JS high notes! And YC just watching lol, was he smiling looking at JJ and JS? Lol I think my eyes tricked me.  Btw yea that’s JS and JJ original style when singing high parts, JS will lift up his head while JJ crouch his head/body.  Awkward Chunnie at that time lol.
LOL....eagle eye.....and really u couldnt find him? Hahaha......Geez.....he never use that sporty clothes on ILU’s performance lah. Imagine if he wore it, the touching2 thinghy will be also on his bare arm,, it will be really2 touching his body, hahhaa......I think (& I think I’m right, lol)....In Heaven’s performance were after Get Out’s performances.....Aigoo....why the arrangement of the songs like that. Its better for In Heaven 1st then Get Out. But fortunately they are really a good singer, so the performance still really good.

At the beginning Chunnie looks like an athlete who have just finish the game, lol.....His heart still breathing  fast. But fortunately his singing part still good. I like the person who make this vid, record it untill the end. We can see their goodbye & Thank You.
LOL athlete! Ooo this performance had same opening like in Vancouver.  YC walked to the right side of the stage and when he’s near the cam omggggggg poor my eyes! With the dark stage and only spotlight shined on him, his body is a wonderland! We can see his super sexy veins! O.O But yea he looked so out of breath, this song must be after a dance song. Chunnie looked so yummy here when his body is in that state, the sweats and everything..ottoke >< and oh his belt lol, gosh this vid, I swear everything is perfect! He’s looking too sexy here! or is it just me??!! Then near the end, they all walked to the center and we also can see JJ and JS, JJ and JS also looked like they had just finished playing Olympic games lol. I like it at 5.55 JJ reached out his hands to hold YC and JS hands but YC grabbed JJ’s shoulders and just ignored JJ’s hands lol and JS held it late.  Aww Jaesu holding hands but JS let it go fast. Wae JS?! Oh bcos he wanted to hold the mic with both hands. Beware at 6.22.  kekeke tropical rain forest is coming lmao. The ending was perfect with all 3 bowed to the audiences and we can see YC’s armpit many times.  Hehe....
I though this word ....body is a wonderland only belong for female, wkwkkwk.....Yeah, his body is wonderland. LOL.....aahh....YC loves JJ’s shoulder then JJ’s hand u know? Lol.....aaahhh....yeah, beware tropical rain forest is coming. Wkwkwk......

Los Angeles
hhhmmm....dont know what to write, lol.....its like usual. Good perfomance. And at the end can hear JS use some language for Thank You.
Then I don’t know what to write too.  Overall, it’s another good performance by this trio. ^_________^

San Jose
At the beginning...eehh...Chunnie, why did you standing like that? Like the uploader said : After they finished singing their last song, they just stood there..almost like they didn't want to leave?....eeehhh yeah, she’s right.....and I think JS kinda didnt know what to do? He was looks kinda waiting for JaeChun’s reaction?
Omo Junsu’s duckbutt is so obvious here! haha nice Su! Ro I think YC’s legs were a lil bit bellow? That’s why he stood like that with bending his knees. Lol I think that’s the word, not sure though.  Junsu looked a lil bit chubby here, so different with present, he is so thin now.  He exchanged with YC maybe, cos now it’s YC who’s chubby ^^ lol it’s not like they didn’t wanna leave but they waited for fans to cool down first because JJ still had words to say before leaving.  When the fans were calmer then JJ talked and they left, but yea JS looked a lil bit awkward alone cos that time Jaechun were talking to each other before the final talk. 
HUH? A lil bit bellow? Dont understand, lol.....hahaha yeah, exchange.

Charity Concert
aahh...the moving always good performance.
They always gave their all when performing and the results were worth it.  +1 to the moving stage props.
Yeah, I like moving stage.

Another moving stage & another good performance.
Moving stage can give bonus to a more interesting performance.

Good performance.
Lol ^____________________^ 
Wkwkwkwkwk..........I thought u can write a review longer then that, XD...

Sorry, for this performance I choose a vid that only focus to Chunnie. Love everything on this performance. At 0:44...did he has eye talk with JS? Lol....At 2:34...omo...Left Eye Wink....Why he did that? hahha....At 4:04....aahh....the mic kiss his bottom
YC really looked like a prince here when the lights slowly shining on him.  His clothes also good, I love his inner shirt.  Hhmm and that coat is similar to one of his jackets in IMY? Got leather sleeves and the rest are cotton? Lol  and that gold necklace looked sexy on him. Am I too much cos I said everything looks sexy on YC? Hahahaha..yea at 0.44 I think it’s an eye talk with Junsu cos that time JJ is singing.  The wink he always did that lah, just watch other performances, it’s like his habit while singing.  Lol everytime he sings the mic always kisses his lips.  Chunnie looks like he wants to eat the mic when he’s singing or talking using it XD
Yup...similar jackets and I love it. The answer is NO Z......LOL.....yeah, the wink its his habit while singing. Maybe his eyes also has his own life like his own tumb? LOL.......And so lucky yeah if the next person who use that mic is a girl? Lol......Or the mic is belong to him? Hhhmmm....

Love his hair. Btw, do u want counting how many times Chunnie lick his lips? Lol....
LOL I must be crazy! I counted how many times he licked his lips! It’s 24 times, I don’t know if it’s accurate or not cos he did it almost all the time while singing, hard to catch up lmao  And when his lips got wet after he licked it, woahhhh *wink* you know what I mean *wink* sexiness overload.  You can also see his adam apple veryyyyyyy clearly in this vid, very HD upclose fancam, his face structure and everything is just too perfect  Btw he looked so sad here, I thought he’s crying but nah he did not, it’s his sweat and he’s just too feelin’ it. About the wink, he did it many times too during this performance and also the kissing mics, it’s closer here, he always touched the mics with his lips when singing.  What a lucky mic huh?! Get to feel that plump thick sexy kissable lips 
Ah, why sang Empty 1st then In heaven? He’s kinda out of breath. I like his jacket here. Its cool.  And yeah BINGO...u’re right....Its 24 times, lol...why not 25 times? Hahaha.....SEXINESS OVERLOAD....LOL.....

Unforgetable Concert
Wow....the 1st performance that no naration on the beginning.  All 3 had good hairstyle and aaahh....finally different outfit for thi s song. Btw, it looks that JJ forgot wore his coat, hahaha.....Good performance.
I freaking love this outfit! Haha as always JJ always ‘forgets’ to wear his jacket.  It’s a pleasure for his fans ^^  Yes all 3 had super cool and sexy hairstyles here, it’s my favourite!  
Love this performance.

Good Performance and JJ didnt forget wear his coat. Lol.....
Lol then pity his fans for not forgetting to wear his jacket.  

aahhh...Jaeharem was so lucky coz JJ forgot his coat again, lol....Chunnie with eyeliner and can glimpse JJ’s tattoo...
haha when it comes to fanservice Jaeharems are always lucky kkkk.  I like it when YC wears eyeliner, it’s making him looks sexier. Hehe
Yeah, different for Chunsa, hehe....but we’re still lucky lah.....Yo I love YC’s eyeliner.

New outfit. I think Chunnie looks good with collar style like that. Its similar with previous outfit. And what was that, the thing on JS’s hand? He still hold it from the beginning till the end of the song.
Yea I like this outfit too.  The thing JS was holding I think it’s a banner? He took it from fans? I’m not sure either.   
Yeah, its banner but why always hold it? Hhmmm......

Good Performance. Hhhmm...cant find a closer  vid.
No Comment. LOL....

2012 Membership week
Ahhh....Chunnie with his new haircut and sun glasses.....its kinda like on JYJ’s Only One MV. Hahaha....
All black! Nice! Yeah I really love Chunnie’s hair in this performance with his sunnie on, that’s because he had a serious infection on his eyes during 2012 Membership Week. 
Yeah, YC is so professional right? Even when he’s sick he still perform.

Tokyo Dome
Where is JJ & JS? Cant see them,hehe...Interesting stage for the music player. Its like a maze. Good Performance as always.
I watched another version and I can see clearly the 3 of them.  Hehe.  Yeah a very interesting prop stage they got there.  All of them walked down the stage through the maze where live band was also there in the maze.  A unique prop.  Lol because of Junsu’s bleached hair, it makes his face looked so red while singing that high note! Haha
LOL...ofc lah I can see the other on another version. I dont really like JS’s hair color.

In Heaven MV
ahhh....In Heaven was the 2nd JYJ MV I watched. To be honest, I always thought that the woman voice at the beginning who talk with Chunnie was Song Ji Hyo's voice coz she also the model on this MV. hehehe.....Eventhough I'm not K Pop fans but I know that sometimes Korean MV is like a short drama. And off course at 1st time watched this MV. I was waiting Chunnie pop in. LOL.....But at the end, eeehhh....he never pop in. hahaha.....Why only Jun Su as the model on this MV? hhmmm...maybe coz on 2011, Chunnie had Ripley, JJ had PTB so they decided to make JS as the model on this MV. coz this MV kinda like a drama. He also must acting on this MV. This MV suit with the story of the song. A good MV. 

Same here, In Heaven is the second JYJ MV I watched after Get Out.  I also thought it’s Ji Hyo’s voice but when I searched the lyrics and translations it stated another name, which I didn’t know who is it but then the birthday girl told me the girl’s voice is the girl from Lovers In Paris drama, forgot her name.  I was waiting for other members to pop in too but none lol, only Junsu, and yes I agree with Ro why there’s only JS in this MV, cos YC and JJ already had drama aired on TV so JS must be the main character in this MV, but it’s ok lah we can still hear others’ voices.  At first I just watched the short version, and then one of my friends showed me the full version.  I was like omg it’s like a mini drama lol.  Tbh, JS looked so young next to Ji Hyo lol, just like a dongsaeng, not a lover. Hahaha this pair look cute though. I love the concept of the MV, in the beginning I didn’t really get the story and I had to watch many times to understand.  It’s kinda like time travel story lol, from 2011 he travelled back to 2008 and everything was back to normal when Ji Hyo was still alive.  Omg now this reminds me of RTP lol.  The difference LG had to travel to future but Junsu had to travel back to past to save his lover from that car accident. But they ended up died together and maybe wanna fit the title In Heaven, so after they died they met again In Heaven.  So dramatic, tragic and beautifully done MV for such a beautiful song sung by 3 beautiful voices.  Btw we can see Junsu’s duckbutt when he pushed Ji Hyo aside to save her lol XD with RTP.....U know what, I thought that JJ & YC maybe will pop in as JS’s colleagues. LOL.......

Thats it our review......A review for an “uncommon” song for Kpop Group. They are so special right? So whatever people say, we, JYJ fans, let's just keep suporting these 3 talented men whether individually or as a group regardless who is our bias, even though it's not equal doesn't matter, what's the most important is, "Urin Hana Inikka"  
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 credit vids to the uploader

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