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U will know when u see that pic, what will be u find on this post. The answer is YES, if u said “ahh...its ChunNi’s pic on Mirotic. Yup, this post will be about ChunNi on Mirotic performances. Like some of u already know that our bday girl is so head over heels about ChunNi on Mirotic. Hehehe...its kinda her VIT C....but cant blame her if she really loves it coz yeah ChunNi is so DAMN SEXY on Mirotic, hehhe....just look at the pic. So SEXY right? Hehhe.....That curtain hair wasnt make him “weird” but made him so UNIQUE & SEXY. And also the “different” dance from him that make him more SEXY.

Actually I want to make this review by myself. It will be my gifts for her. But then I think again that it will be more interesting if she also make a review for this. So, I ask her to has another collaboration. But then we had some argument before about making this review. Coz no secret that Chunsa Profile on this edition will be about @zee6002 , so she thought that its kinda weird if she made review for her own birthday present. But, hey....its okay if u buy , do or make something that u really like it for ur own bday, right? So, at the end, shes agree to also has collaboration on this review. And I dont regret that I was kinda force her to make this, hehehe.....coz when I got her review, LONG....hahhaa....I need times to read it & always LOLing......hehhee.....Oh, for this review, we decided to chose 25 performances like her bday date.

Oh, she ask me to make a reply review longer, hehhe...coz she doesnt want to looks exaggerated. LOL....but hey, its not exaggerated lah if we can write a long for something that we love. Hehe...and of course Z’s big question here is “DO I ALSO LOVE IT? I told her that I will answer her on the review and here is my answer....YES, I REALLY LOVE IT.

And Z, do u realize that this is our 7th review song ?

1. I Love You

2. Mission

3. Found You

4. The Boys Letter

5. You’re

6. In Heaven


Wow, we’ve already had collaboration for 7 songs. Its cool, hehehe....I didnt realize it before. But coz probably this will be ZeeRo’s last collaboration so I count it. Thank You SO MUCH for a fun collaboration.

To be honest I had a plan before to also make Get Out’s review this time coz I know its your JYJ’s fav song. But then I canceled it coz I know its a dance song, u must notice something on his performance, hehhe.....n the review must be more interesting. Hehehe....but yeah, I will make it by myself someday.

First of all I’m sorry for posting their old song from their former group. We did cos JYJ were in it so please bear with some unpleasant views you might see. I had a hard time too lol..and sorry too cos this review is specially for Chunnie, this is an order from my boss haha so I need to obey it lol…Roweina asked me to write reviews for this song cos this song is my favourite, and this song just made me fall deeper and harder for Chunnie after I saw him in RTP, just because I think he’s extremely sexy here lol…if you look at him in various of Mirotic performances you will know why I’m crazy over this guy hahaha So enjoy and pls bear with some unwanted presence here..the theme for this song is EROTIC MIROTIC!

So, lets enjoy the EROTIC MIROTIC performances and this review is kinda LONG. And please bear with us coz maybe we use inappropriate words. Hahha.........

1. Official MV


At 0:52 can see his face so close. At sexy. Fortunately the model cant touch him, hahha....At 1:39...ahh..another sexy pose...At 2:36....angry Chun...Pause at face, lol.... Why he got that long sleeves shirt & cant see anything beside his collarbone? At 3:49....ahh...thats the original ending style...but never did that when perform.

My reaction when I watched this MV for the first time, I just couldn’t believe that the guy with curtain hair is the very same Leegak from RTP!!! They were just too different lol! Even though the hair got many criticisms but for me that hair looked so sexy and unique on YC. He nailed it and I think only him can pull off such exotic hairstyle. What can I say about YC in this MV? He’s perfect!! The hair, the look, the expressions (can see many kinda different chunfaces here), the way he danced and everything is too perfect for me. We can also see JJ’s gorgeous body here, his 6 six pack abs, wow and JS’ manly biceps O.O Yea his ending style in MV was a lil bit different when he did that on live shows, whatever pose he strikes, it’s always sexy

This MV was DBSK’s 1st MV that I watched after became a CHUNSA. And off course coz already saw ChunNi on JYJ’s MV, I thought that I will never get shock again, LOL....but then again I was wrong, lol.....But different shock with I got after I watched JYJ’s Ayy Girl MV, hahhaha.....For Mirotic, its a “nice shock” that the right word? Hahhaa....Off course the 1st thing that drew my attention is his hair. WOW, its a cool hair. Never seen hairstyle like that before but wow, he really nailed it. Not everyone can look still gorgeous with unique hairstyle and I salute him that he dare did that. So, just like Z’s said...He’s PERFECT. Yup, whatever pose he strikes, its always sexy, hehe...

2.   TVXQ - MIROTIC - Live Show Performance [Korean Version]

ChunNi was on the middle and can u see that his shadow light was PURPLE? opening act. There was double of him. Black & White. Btw, I think Chun was on the right side (long hair?) . But....oooo....confuse.....why when they perform it became like that? It looks like differet stage? Then I realized, LOL......this vid is compilation from all performances. LOL.....So, HOW I can make a review for this? hahhaha....

Lol at Ro’s sensitivity with anything related to purple. Yup Ro this one is the compilation of various performances. There’s only one performance I haven’t found until now, from 3.14 until 3.48. I love that outfit, YC paired it with light brown shoes. Hahaha I think his brown shoes are sexy on him lol. Look at YC at 3.29, urghh his legs movement is like a porn lol. Then at 3.43 look at his face. Damn why he’s so sexy??!!, u have a mission now for find it. Hope someday u will find it.

3.   [HQ] DBSK - Mirotic Live! [07Nov2008]

Love the black outfit but OMO Chun.....why u wore clothes like that? so different with others. Cant see anything. LOL.....

Are you disappointed Ro cos you can’t see even a glimpse of his yummy body? Same here But we can still see his delicious milky white neck And I think there’s a technical error at 1.15-1.20. JS missed his part lol. Pay attention at YC’s hand at 3.14, others just pointed their fingers but he moved all of his fingers lol, this is what I’ve always said before, he always had different style of dance from others. Hehehe

YES, a little dissapointed, lol.....yo, for delicious milky white neck (is his neck some kind of food? Lol......). Yup, technical error. Haha...ChunNi doesnt want pointed his finger.Lol....

4.  DBSK - Mirotic [Inkigayo] (08.10.05) {Hangul, Romanization, Eng Sub}


ChunNi wore BLACK & WHITE Shoes..At 1:01...ehh...why I never notice it before, he was kinda like pose? Lol....His clothes kinda a little open, hahaha....and wow...BIG Ring.

Why capslock BLACK & WHITE? Lol you like it or not? I don’t really like this shoes hehe. Ahh can see JJ’s 6 packs again and JS’ biceps again here ^^ and here, Ro we can see his yummy chest, he bared it this time And we also can see a glimpse of his white stomach at 2.13 Wow 2.21 focus at JS’ powerful hip thrust XD Too bad there’s no hip thrust from ChunNi in Mirotic performances cos while others were doing it he had to get back into his position in the back ChunNi’s tired face at the ending pose also looks sexy to me. Gosh I must be crazy XD

LOL....I forgot why I did that. yeah, I like it, hahaha... At 1:49...damn....SEXY AHHH from him, lol....Yup, yummy chest & stomach. If he also did Hip Thrust. SEXYNESS OVERLOAD Z, hahha......Weird yeah, why ChunNi’s tired face looks sexy to us? Hahha...Btw, thank u that on this review, sometimes u use ChunNi, hahaha....and u started use ChunNi on this performance review. Hahaha......U know what I mean right? Hahha......

5.   [LIVE]081229 TVXQ! @ Intro+Wrong Number+MIROTIC (Gayodaejun)

At the beginning can hear Chunlish....ChunNi wore earrings...At 0:36....oo....he touch his lips. SEXY movement, lol....He was cute with the vest, suit & bow tie. But at 2:46, he took off his bow tie and unbuttoned some button above his vest. Damn....if he didnt wear that vest maybe he will open all the button? LOL.....and OMO...YEAH....At 4:46 he started to open it, this is the vid where I got those sexy back pic. Hahaha.....Fortunately no OMMA’s tattoo that day, LOL......Cute at the beginning and SEXY at the end. GOOD performance. Hahhaha......

Warning this is gonna be a long review from me lol

I like ChunNi’s hairstyle here!!!! He looked soooooooo cuteeeeee in this round bowl hairstyle! At 0:01, ChunNi posed like a supermodel lol and I think I saw Jaeconda here lololol. Don’t you think YC’s voice when speaking English is extra sexy? Hehehe.. ChunNi always wore earrings during his old days, funky baby me likey The song arrangement and dance choreography was different from the original, kinda special performance. I like their outfits here, suits with stripes shirt, bow tie and vest and white pants. At 0:36 oh damn damn damn he killed me with that gesture, that’s so seductive! From 0:34 to 0:40 I am so dead! His expression is like telling the world “I’m the hottest guy on earth ladies, come and catch me if you can!” I can never catch you ChunNi, you’re too hot to handle Ladies did you notice when the heck did he unbutton his coat buttons? It’s at 1:06! check it out, he’s unbuttoning it, fuuuuuuhhh I don’t feel like I’m watching a live singing performance but it’s like I’m watching something else Haha look at his fingers again at 2.39! omo at 2.44, be careful Chunnie your pants could be ripped off! Lol too tight when he squatted like that! Awww sexy thighs Oh at 2.46 he took off his bow tie, he just pulled it off like that, omg that’s howttt and his upper shirt buttons had already been removed! Btw if you pause at 2.48 you can see his tiny butt hahahahaha so cute there’s some additional dance here. From 2.58 to 3.01, look at his legs along with his voice “chuuuuuuuuuu” I don’t know what other words to say anymore, this guy really made me a dead meat drooling over his hotness! Again at 4.22 his hands were different from others lol, he just put his hands at his pocket. Chunface at 4.32 and cool hands ChunNi. Starting at 4.46 hahaha he made it to unbutton all the buttons on his clothes! Sexy back! I think his skin is the fairest right? Lol so feminine. I was worried at first if he couldn’t take off his jacket at the right time cos he seemed a lil bit chaos when unbuttoning his vest. The chronology of this performance is about how YC unbuttoned and took off his shirt. First, he unbuttoned his coat buttons. Second, he took off bow tie. Third, he unbuttoned his upper shirt’s buttons. Fifth, he unbuttoned his vest’s buttons. And lastly he took off it all and showed his sexy back!

Sorry Ladies, the original vid when we make this review already blocked,, I give 2 vids. Coz if only 1 vid, U can missed some parts, hehhe...n WOW....begin from “CUTE” performance n end with EROTIC performance. Hahha....

6.   TVXQ(    )  Mirotic    Live Inkigayo

aahh...with that blue clothes, cant see anything. But at 2:10, u can see a glimpse of his belly...and something in BLACK. LOL....

He looked so skinny in this outfit. One thing I like about this blue shirt! It exposed his super sexy and broad shoulders! Other than that, urghhh the thingy like wing on his left shoulder oh wth was that??! If I was there imma take scissor and cut it! He wore those black and white shoes again. Awww at 1.15 JJ was playing hide and seek with his fans! Hide and seek his chest I glimpse of belly, thank god he’s still thin during this time. His skin is too white meh?? That something black at his waist is mic set holder ok, don’t mistaken it as his undies ok lololol..omo look at 2.15 lol chunnie too enthusiastic! Hahahahaha..we can see many times a glimpse of his belly in this vid cos that shirt was pretty small for him I think

Not so skinny lah.....Maybe because the design of his clothes. The length only till his belly so off course lah when he lift up his hand, we can see many times a glimpse of his belly, hhhehe.....but we love it, right? Hehe.....At that a hip thrust? But U said hes only too enthusiastic, hahaha.....

7.   081210 Golden Disk Award TVXQ Stage - MIROTIC

aahh...Chunglish at the beginning. ahh...on this performance, no longer Under my SKIN but already changed to Under my ChunNi...omo...he wore formal outfit, lol...but still wore earring. Nothing too see, hahaha....At 2:33...Hip thrust....

Wth is UNDER MY SKY??!! I don’t think something is wrong with UNDER MY SKIN. Weird why they changed it. Cos it sounds a lil bit erotic? Lol depends on your dirty or pure mind Pause at 0.30, hello jaenips I like ChunNi’s suit, very formal but not informal lah, checkered suit and red belt. Very very the opposite with JJ’s outfit, furs on JJ’s bare skin, it looked so sexy and luxurious lol… hhm now I know why Ro doesn’t like Chunnie wears formal outfit cos she can’t see a glimpse of ChunNi’s dangerous zones of body! Ro, to me even if he wears all covered up suit it still looks so erotic to me hahahahaha ya ya I know I’m pervy OMG at 2:33 I am dead! Helppppppp what is that man??!!! ChunNi you killed me! Urghhh that super hot hip thrust along with background sound “ahhhh”! Damn damn damn damn is this a singing live performance or an x-rated late night club show? Lololol so hot!!! A lil bit different choreography too here. His stare at 2:51 and his hand at 2:53..look at JS at 3.17, his hip thrust haha heheld his head while doing it! Naughty maknae Gigi can see her first love here too many fanboys here singing along with them.

Hahaha.....yeah, depend on your dirty mind. Btw, so U think that I have dirty mind? we’re always agree....he looks EROTIC with whatever he wear, hahha.....LOL.....X-rated late night club show? OMO....hahaha.....I think they add this coz must change the lyric but I think that hip thrust & background sound “aahhh”....made the performance more EROTIC MIROTIC. LOL.....His stare & his< we’re dead? Lol.....

8.   DBSK - My Addiction on 2008 MKMF 2008 11 15

Skip to 07:10....dont really like that Black thingy on his neck. It made him like sick person. Lol.....and his long shirt made him like wore a Dress. Hahha...and finally at 10:22, he open the button of his suit.

YC with orange hair, he looked like a high school boy with this hair color. Yup me too, I’m sure YC also didn’t feel comfortable with that thick muffler at his neck. He looked suffocated lol. Ya his long shirt looked like dress and it will look like a skirt if you look at it from behind view lol. He unbuttoned his coat furiously again at 10.22 While JJ I think his outfit concept is always related to furs, that white suit and furs on his shoulder without inner shirt was making his chest shining, plus that golden chains woah! His outfit looked so comfy and luxurious. Actually JJ also unbuttoned his coat at 5.49 when they were facing on the other side, lol he’s busy unbuttoning it. YC also wore long golden chains, gosh that’s so sexy! JS took off his outer jacket at 7.46 and throw it on floor. Luckily he made it before his turn to dance start 8.56 haha YC lifted up his pants..oh at 8.59 JS took off his inner shirt and only wore white singlet and look at JS’ expression at 10.36, sexy expression.. aww from 11.08 till 11.09 YC the magician had already existed in 2008 lol, he played with his mic again ^^

If I’m a Fashion Police. The 1st thing I will do is threw away that black muffler, hehehe....LOL....unbuttoned furiously. And at 8:56...yup...lifted up his pants, hahha....n I think started from JYJ TD’s concert n concerts that will come someday, he will not doing something like that. He already has a BUTT now, hahha....and yeah, ChunNi the magician already existed....hahha.....

9.   THE 4TH TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2009. Final In Tokyo Dome - Mirotic

aahhh...Japanese version...ooohh....ChunNi’s sexy long hair. No more Mirotic’s cool hairstyle. Its cool performance. With Black & White version. At 3:01.....aahhh...changing clothes to white. At 3:04....OMO Z.....its Tropical Rain Forest, wkwkkwk......ahh...why they took long shoot at the ending. Cant see the ending.

This is Japanese version and they sang it at Tokyo Dome back in 2009, YC had curly long hair during this concert. YC was too too too sexy here with his long hair. Cool props they had here, tricky performance lol, it made us waiting and anticipating what is gonna be next. One big screen for each other, it’s cool, it’s like a magic show. At first black was outside and white was inside the screen and then when the black went inside (they went to change their outfit), it made us waiting what will appear next. Ahh and then the white inside the screen came out, and later the black’s turn to be inside the screen and never came out again lol, very creative and interesting props. Haha Ro that white outfit is dangerous for bb, we can see his tropical rain forest everytime he put up his hands lmao! But you can’t deny he looked stunningly extremely sexy right???! At 3.08 wahhh what were they doing with the screen? They rubbed it and faced their butts to the audience! Uhmm a lil bit erotic move 3.24, ahh I’m LOLing everytime I watch ChunNi this part, he had to jump aside to synchronize his move with others cos he was a lil bit far away from them. The ending? Nothing with the ending lol, they just took their time to go to the backstage maybe? Btw I like that black outfit more, similar to My Chemical Romance outfits in The Black Parade MV lol..hahaha I like it

Yup, cant deny that ChunNi looked stunningly extremely sexy. Hehehe....and at 3:08...unnecessary dance butt, hahha......Nothing with the ending? Lol....I wanna see his ending pose, u know? Hehhe......

10.DBSK Mirotic Live 2008 09 28 HD

Okie, the 1st thing I see is PURPLE LIGHT. Lol.....At 1:50....his dance is so different. At 3:27....Sexy side of ChunNi......

Here we go again with purple obsession lolllll….i think out of all mirotic outfits, I hate this one the most! The thing at his neck, it’s hoodie right? But why did they coil it and put it there and make it like that? It’s so ugly! YC should just cut it off! What’s the difference at 1.50? lol he put up his hand too high? Or what? Pause at 2.00 and focus at ChunNi’s face, hhmmm so sexy. At 2.53 don’t you think JJ was doing somewhat like an erotic thing? at 3.15 did you notice YC’s hand movement, it’s different with others, he did it smoothly and uhmm what’s the word ya? Erkk whatever but one thing, indeed it’s sexy. Ya we can see his side view at 3.27. he’s out of breath at that time, and everytime he is in that state it looks so erotic to me owh you can also see JJ’s booby chest at 3.27..hahaha course lah I see the light, hahaha....Yup, its hoodie but not on the right position, hahhaa......hhmmm, u dont see anything at 1:50? Pause it & u can see that his hand touch his side part of his thigh. LOL....Its like he did that to move his thigh, hahaha....At 2:00, his face like did serious but sexy expression, lol....Yeah, I know what u mean at ChunNi’s hand movement at 3:15....smoothly...n I think the right word in Bahasa is Gemulai, hahhaa.....Yo....u’re right, he looks so erotic when he’s out of breath, hehe...

11.DBSK - Mirotic Live Live Autumn Mini Concert
image jacket & light color pants. At 2:12...why sang with his hand on his chin like that, is sexy? Hahaha....

this is one of my favourite Mirotic performances, don’t know why but I like it. Can see JJ’s shining abs again hehehe..yeah ChunNi got cool black jacket here, btw that grey pant he always wore lol!oh that brown shoes again, haha I love those shoes! Ro at 2.12 didn’t he always put his hands like that? Lol or I didn’t notice it? Hhmm will look again at other performances.. Ooo can’t see their hip thrusts here cos blocked by fireworks 2.37, did you notice when it’s that part YC always lowered his body lower than of the differences he had from others in Mirotic dance..btw at 2.44 wahhh I love it! All legs were so in sync! Cos only ChunNi wore light grey pant we can find his legs easy. Hehehe At 3.21 smooth hand movements from ChunNi, the way he did it so sexy! Can hear JJ and JS voices in the end saying Kamsahamnida ^^

I think its because he wore black jacket & brown shoes? U love it right? Hehe....At 0:58, he did again that touching side of his thigh, lol......or he always did that? hahaha....LOL...yeah, he always put his hands like that. I only wanna write that question on this performance, hahha.....coz if I didnt write it, my review will be so short, hahha...LOL.....blame the fireworks.....Yup, he lowered his body lower than others. Why he did that yeah? Hhhmmm.........LOL....find his leg? Hahha....yeah, thats the benefit when u wear something different with others. Yeah, Smexy smooth hand’s movement.

12.dbsk -seoul drama awards 2008 - mirotic

aahhh....cant peek a boo coz no tattoo yet, lol.....

no peek a boo at his chest tattoo lah, he didn’t have it yet lol…ehhh this time it’s JS wore that ugly clothes? That coiled hoodie? Lol yoosu bromance, shared their clothes. JS must have asked from YC and YC gave it to him to wear for this performance. Haha…can see they’re doing hip thrust from the back view this time but it’s not as sexy as front view lah..ok I found another difference dance from ChunNi lol..pause at 2.35 and look at his legs position, it’s different from others right? If you noticed he always had his legs like that during that part. At 2.38 I think JJ did a lil mistake lol, he seemed lost at that what was JJ thinking?? 2.55 focus on JJ again at that part, I don’t know but I think when it’s during that part, the camera always focus on JJ, hhmmm that erotic looking movement lololol…JJ’s expression wasn’t really expressive but still he gave out his mysterious and sexy aura. Idk if I should say this, but if I knew JYJ from this song, I don’t think my bias is gonna be YC, hahaha guess who’s gonna be my bias?? It’s Jaejoong the mysterious and sexy looking guy hahahaha mianhae

LOL.....yeah, I know he didnt have it yet, hahaha....coz when he did that pose at 1:04, it will be nice if we can see something, lol.....hahha...YooSu shared their clothes. But JS wore that hoodie on his left, different with ChunNi who wore it at his right. LOL...hip thrust from back view.....Yeah at 2:35 when he swing his hand, his leg was closer. Duh...what the english word for that yeah? Hhmm.....Btw, did ChunNi ever had a dream that time that someday he will attend the same award show but not performance but get awards?.....

13.[081120] DBSK - 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards - Mirotic LIVE

aaahhh...this performance was the memorable performance for me, coz actually this was the 1st performance I watched but I didnt realize it. Already wrote a lot on my 1st year anniv as Chunsa, so this time will only comment about his performance. ChunNi with white suit like a Prince, lol.....At 1:36, he unbuttoned his suit....Was it not comfortable for u Chun? Hehhe.....Unfortunately he was no longer with his Black Mirotic’s hair.

This is a memorable performance for you but for me it’s an awkward performance lol. Just look at the expressions those actors/actresses had when watching their performance. Lololol even me who’s just watching feel awkward. What a cold reaction they gave! Aigoo smile a lil bit can’t they??!! We can see many popular actors/actresses here such Lee Bo Young, Jung Woo Sung, Son Ye Jin, Lee Byung Hyun etc. Who would’ve thought that guy with orange hair would turn to be a popular and successful actor after a few years performing here. Hahaha that’s what we call fate. Lol JS with that coiled hoodie again here, but not the same like Chunnie had, it’s white. Urgh can’t they just cut that off! So ugly…Yea they looked like prince in white, haha not just Chunnie lah, JJ and JS too. Ro a big Chunsa lmao..pause at 3.23 Chunnie’s different legs position again..haha why so adorable?? At 4.15, chunnie with a new hand gesture, looked so arrogant lol.but thank god they got warm and big applause after they done singing and finally can see audiences smile, haha lee bo young and her friend at 4.30 smiled widely..secret fangirl? lmao…btw starting at 5.03 pay attention to JJ, he walked to his left side but when he just reached there all the members walked out leaving the stage. Lol poor JJ and then at 5.09 idk what he picked from the floor and then he just followed the others walking leaving the stage.

LOL...yeah....its an awkward performance, haha....But U know lah U cant expect more than applause. After all there is a different kinda level of Korean Artist. Btw, sorry if I only write that ChunNi look like a Prince in White. Coz our deal before was only write about him. But off course JJ & JS also like a Prince in white. OMO....I’m so embarrased when u call me Big Chunsa.hahhaha...... Yeah, adorable different leg position, lol.....and I hope my dream that I can see him again on Blue Dragon Award will be come true but that time he will be sit on the audience n waiting for his award, hehehe....but it will be a SUPER BONUS if I can see him performance on the stage.

14.TVXQ Mirotic Live 2008 10 25

aahhh....I like his necklace and he’s sexy as always....

lol ro just “he’s sexy as always”? don’t know what to write anymore?? Haha…yoosu wore similar outfit here!! Their inner maroon shirts were similar except JS had hoodie and YC didn’t. yaa that super big necklace, looked sexy on his chest at 3.05 why YC tugged his jacket? Too hyped up baby? oohh look at again at 3.07 his hands movement was different again from the others. Omg that’s sexy!! Erkkkk erotic chunnie, why you moved your hands like that huh??? I’m dying here just seeing you being sexy like that! This performance was held exactly 5 years ago hahahaha this is a special performance on a special day for me ya know..kekekeke….and this time Chunnie was only 22 years old (international age) and me hhmmm still haven’t reached 20 lol…waaa 5 years ago we were still teen ^^

LOL.....embarrased again.....yeah, made it on short time & watching a lot of the same performances always make me lost of words, hehehe....This time the hoodie was on the right position, hahaha....At 3:02...aahh...I’m right, he always did like that with his thigh, hahaha.....Z....I think he did that EROTIC movement hand coz he know that someday that he will get his big fans who has birthday date on October 25th, hahha....Thats ur fate Z, lol......

15. Mirotic(  )_081002

At 0:37...where did u put ur hand Chun? Lol...

Lololol that’s Chunnie’s hands naughty habit hahahahaha only him put his hands there…just like as usual Mirrors surrounding them, kinda dizzy to look at XD…lol all his rings are so big here…he used to love big accessories, not anymore now…grown up baby Found another one! Look at 2.54, YC grooved his body a lil bit too much, aigoo in this vid, not only JJ but we can also see YC did that erotic legs movement lol…he pointed his finger like others here, not moving all his fingers like some of other performances.

Miror – miror on the wall? Hehehe.....Yo...Grown up baby, legs movement? Hahaha....Yup, so, actually he know the right movement but it just him lah that wanna make a different stye, hhee....

16. TVXQ - Mirotic [3rd Asia Tour Mirotic]

Okie...the 1st thing I see...Purple Light on ChunNi and sexy wavy hair, hahha....but he wore ur fav color Z, hehe....

For the opening. from the beginning till 2.20 can hear a different Mirotic version, remix maybe, never heard this in any other performance though, I think that one was sung by other singer, cos the voice was too different. Hhmm I like it, where can I find that version?? Aigoo purple obsession again, maybe YC knew one of her soon to be fan likes purple so much so he chose purple light for him?hahahah jk…. He wore blue? Looked like grey to me lol..oh ya he wore blue during performing…his wavy messy hair, he nailed it I think, it’s nice on him hahaha bias huh hhmmm sexy is all I can say for Chunnie when I see him singing and dancing…I’m crayyyyyzeeeeeeee

I also like that different version. Dont know how to find it but I think they made it only for this performance. So, I make the mp3 version for u. U can download it in here.

LOL....her soon to be fan like purple so much. Hahhaha.....yo, thats our fate, hahaha....Yo, BIAS all the way, hahaha.....

17. TVXQ Mirotic Live 2008 10 30

Owh Yoosu similar clothes again..YC’s hair looked so soft and silky and rounder here right? Haha he can be Pantene model lol…They move from one stage to another here so the choreography was a lil bit different. He wore golden chain again but why he hid it in his clothes??!! Aigoo show us!! At 3.00 YC led the walking and the rest followed..ahhh finally can see him up close at 3.06, see?! His hair looked so soft and rounder and thicker!! And also can see that lil brown hair color clearly..

This vid is the substitute vid coz the 1st time Z gave me all the vids for me to made the review, there were double vids so I didnt know which one that she prefer me to review. So, after she was done with her review, she add this vid. Then only 1 review from me n this one only reply review. N U know what Z? There are 3 things that I will also write if I got this vid before. There are: I like their move from stage to stage, ChunNi was led the walking (love it) n that lil brown hair color. But yeah, ChunNi’s hair looks so soft. Wanna touch it? Hahaha......

18. TVXQ - Mirotic, 동방신기 - 주문, Music Core 20081227


Oh another checkered suits...and JJ with furs again...YC with checkered suit from head to toe, big snake again hahahaha and his round bowl hair, wae so cute!! wanna pinch him yum yum .....this is the short version, they cut the 2nd verse part..

Another substitute u notice that the letter of MUSIC CORE also had checkered pattern? Similar like their clothes. LOL....n he didnt do the unbuttoned action, hahha....Btw, he always has cute face Z hehehehe

19. TVXQ - Mirotic (LIVE 12.26.08 KBS)

aahh...checkered suit.....funny, lol....and he’s so different. The white thinghy only on his tie. But damn...cant see anything, hahaha....TOO formal...I like his hair, he’s change his parting hair (is this the right word? Lol)....At 2:30...everytime he did that, his face kinda different, lol....coz no hair on his forehead, hahaha...At 3:17...ahh...finally he unbuttoned his suit...I’m waiting for that, haha....

don’t you think Chunnie looked so extemely cute in this checkered suit, plus with that hairstyle??? I like it so much when he wore checkered suit from head to toe^^ He looked like a snake cos of the pattern of the outfit from top to bottom lol, big snake lmao…white thingy on tie or collar? It’s collar right?…oh again JJ with furs clothing concept. Sexy?? Of course! Look at YC’s fingers at 1.31, and compare it with Junsu’s finger, hahaha different again right?? YC’s hands habit until now, he likes to play it and move it…ehem ehem at 3.05 focus at JJ again during that move, hahaha same cameramen?? Lololol…ahh yeayyy finally he unbuttoned his coat again at 3.17..congratulations Ro cos at least you can see his black inner shirt ..but actually me too I’m waiting for that lol! Btw I don’t get that 2.30 part Ro? Different face??

LOL....a BIG SNAKE?, the white thinghy not only on his tie but also on his collar, hehe....Yo, its different, hahaha....why he use 2 finger? Or his middle finger also has its own life? Hahaha.....Yeah....congrat for me, hahha...btw, after he unbuttoned his coat at 3:18 he didnt just point his finger but he also play & move it, lol...Oh, that 2:30 part.....he always did that n the dance made his hair up so no bangs on his forehead. Like if u see him on his drama when he has running scene. His hair also up like that. I hope U know what I mean. Sometimes people looks different with & without bangs.

20. TVXQ Mirotic Live 2008 11 09

I like his hair. Its Wrong Number’s hair, lol....

Wrong Number hair?? I think in Wrong Number his hair was still exactly like in Mirotic, maybe just a lil bit longer…I think I only saw this hairstyle in this vid so far for Mirotic performance. This hairstyle made him looked like he’s having hair fall problem on his right side of the head lol…their outfits also new and different from the other performances. Can’t see anything too

Z...look at this pic....U see the different hairstyle? hehhe.....but yeah, its because a lil bit longer. LOL....having hair fall problem but yeah, theres something hidden on his right side. Wkwkwk......


Dont really like his hair stye & color. Nice cutting shirt, lol.....and did he wear white sock or no sock?

Omo you don’t like this hair? Me likey He looked so young with this hair…ahh this is the same outfit as that 25102008 performance, Yoosu’s similar clothes …omo pause at 1.23!!! can see his belly button lmao…ahh this cloth is eyes tricky lolllll…. this stage is too narrow for the dancers, at 2.27, the one at the very left had to dance carefully so that he won’t bump into the audience lol , poor him…some audiences were sitting at both of their sides, it looked awkward too for them to sing and dance that close to the audience hahaha..and they were dancing a lil bit effortlessly here lol…actually my attention was paid to the dancers lol….look at 3.01 again, another dancer was so close the the audience lmao..woah woah chunnie at 3.03, aigoo he tugged his jacket again and can see glimpses of his stomach again, and again his fingers Chunnie was looking at who/what at 3.07?? and your question the answer is NO, he did not wear socks, he doesn’t like to wear socks lol….maybe he only wore that ankle socks only…

Want me to think again about his hair? Hahha....Nah I think he wore socks Z, cos its too white, hahha......


I like he wore that suit. At 0:34...his hand...

Omo what did he grab lolololol..ahh he grabbed his pants *wink wink* he grabbed it too hard hahahaha I know why you like this suit Ro, cos you can see his bare chest and his belly, am I right????? I KNOW I’M RIGHT XD…oww look at him at 1.30 , can see both of his side views…sexyyyyyyy and he knows it!!! We can see glimpses of all JYJ’s belly here hahaha..but I think it would be a nicer view if YC just unbuttoned his jacket Pause at 1.34, uhmmm YC’s hand accidentally tugged up his jacket and gave us a peek at his 2.54, can see everyone’s erotic legs movement kekeke

Hahaha....U can read my mind. Yo, which side U love more? Hahaha....Nah, he already give U his bare chest n its enough, hahha...n coz he didnt wear anything behind his jacket so NO for unbuttoned jacket move, hahaha....although I know that he had performance with all bare chest & belly, hahha....


At 1:32...why I always thought that his pose is sexy? Hahaha....and unfortunately no unbuttoned action, lol....

Cool opening ^^ Not only you who thinks that pose is sexy Ro. I think so too lol, like a supermodel at the runway…at 1.38 he rolled up his sleeves lol, nice timing.. his hands were full of big accessories, kinda too many I think..haha…wahh just noticed JJ didn’t button his jacket here, can see shining 6 packs again YC wore watch on his right hand here, same like me hehehe….look at 3.01, YC lowered his body too low again haha..Ro now you’re not obsessed with purple but with “YC unbuttoning actions”??? haha

Hahaha....yeah, nice timing. Aahh...Damn....U see it too, hahaha....yeah, I think he has his own degree how low that he must lowered his body, LOL......Yup, I’m obsessed with ChunNi’s unbuttoning actions. Hahha.....Coz kinda hard to see that action now, hahaha....


aahh...another Japanese version. ChunNi looks cute.

Yaa this is another live Japanese version, kinda weird cos i’m used to Korean version but still nice…this is from 2009 ^^ Chun always looks cute lah, especially with this thick round bowl hair..haha..btw everyone was covered up here..omo the way YC sang that “crystal” part..sounds sexy to me though At 1.58 different hand gesture again from the others. Junsu’s hip thrust with hand on his head at 2.26 I enjoyed watching this part even tho Chunnie didn’t do it, haha cos it’s very well matched with the music..XD wow look at JS at 2.43, very expressive O.O

Yo, it’s always sound sexy everytime he growl like that.


eehh...can I just say, ChunNi is sexy? Hahha.....

YESSSSSSSS!!! The conclusion is everything about ChunNi is just sooooooooooooooooo freakin’ sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Hahahahaha *evil laugh*

Cant add anything, LOL.....


So, thats it our review about Mirotic. Really2 long yeah? Hahha....

But I will give u all another vids, these one just enjoy watching it, hehhe...n I love his EROTIC MIROTIC Dance even his “LAZEE” dance, his SEXY HABIT – unbuttoned action -, his SEXY HAIR, his GLASSES, HIS SUITS.....hehe...

YooSu’s moment.....on this vid, JS try to imitate ChunNi’s raps n according to ChunNi, JS did it wrong, hahaha.....

U can see/enjoy his ....... face (fill the blank with whatever words, hahha....) on thid vid.

And this is my final gift for U Z....ChunNi’s on Mirotic Hair & Lee Gak on the same pose. LOL.....



Ladies.....for reading & watching.

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