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Line Buddies will know who is coming when see that sticker. None other than our pretty ChunPri, hehehe..... And when u see that u must ready take ur time to have a long chatting, hehhee....coz this girl doesnt like LURKERS NO sometimes when we have interesting topic, just be ready for read her long novel, hehhe......but we love it and off course coz now I already used about her writing style (with so many abbreviation) so no more confuse, lol.....
We chose this song for @Priti 's birthday celebration cos she said many times she likes this song, and I think she always said she likes YC's rap part..Sexy rapping huh? Haha...So for the first October girl's birthday @priti ....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!! May your wish of having opportunity to see JYJ in States will come true!!  Our novelist..kinda cold at first but such a warm person later.  hehehehe...the very talkative girl that I used to have long chatting nice meeting you Pri!! <3 
Another ZeeRo’s collaboration. This time I have time to make a little review for Z’s review. Hehehe.....
So, lets enjoy their performance....

Aaahhh....I like stage like that. They can walked around the stage. At 0:54...did Chunnie dance while walking?lol....At 1:06...LOL....Smile and ball everywhere. hehhe....Love Chunnie’s rap. And off course the last words.....Always Keep The Faith.
lol Ro…u can even see that at 0.54? haha not dancing lah, but kinda walking excitedly like a child running at 1.06 YC was in the mood in cheesy dance here, wae danced like that baby ah?! Of course I like his rap too..hehehehe sexy XD and you can see JJ’s biceps and clean armpit here at 3.26 (not rain forest like chunnie lmao), …YC’s closing words “Thank you so much” and “Everybody Always Keep The Faith”…and JJ said it both Thank You and Kamsahamnida ^^
lol....a child running at playground. I think he really had good mood that time. A lot of cute & happy scenes from him. Hhhmmm...why u need strikethrough that rain forest? Lol......aaahhh....we save that word for another songs performance. LOL......

ooowww....JJ’s smile before singing. At 0:57....Chunnie playing with the he sang the rap part while dancing.
The way JJ smiles is really something huh? JJ’s fangirls would die if he smiled that way in person to them I think.. Haha…and magician Chunnie is back with his microphone magic! Lol!! Yaaa he’s rapping and dancing along with the dancers.  Nice ^^
Yup, JJ’s smiles is really something, Chunnie.....I think it became another new word for Chun dictionary, lol.....

Will give u 2 vids for this performance coz there were JaeChun’s cute moment, hehhe....
At 2:51....I wonder....eehhh...why no Chunnie’s voice after JS’s part...than I see him giggling....LOL than see JJ kinda laugh when start singing his part. OMO....what happened? So, after I found the other vid, finally I know what happened. Hahha.......
Already can hear Chunnie said thank you in the beginning.  Hahaha I wondered too why.  Lol he’s already giggling when camera showed him.  Haha if you wanna know gotta watch the next vid. Btw Junsu’s high note at 3.30, me likey ^^
Hehhee.....u wondered it too....its nice to have funny performance like that.
Poor JS, when he sang the others were playing......At 0:42....  Jaejoong squatting on the ground LOL...At 01:40....  Jae's hand cross coz Yoochun asked him to come over n Jae refused lol~ +01:50: Yoochun laughed n forgot to sing his part XD
OMO Chunnie...if u’re on singing competition, forgot the’re OUT, hahaha.....I dont really like this kind of stage coz not like previous performance, they cant playing with the ball, hahaha.....
JS was so enthusiastic while singing while Jaechun were having fun lol. JJ squatting like that is so cute, like a kid haha..I thought they were playing “paper, rock, scissors” at first, cos can’t see clearly.  So YC asked JJ to come over to his place and JJ refused that’s why he gave that X sign. And they were playing till YC forgot to sing his part. Lololol playing is fine Chunnie but you gotta sing properly your parts lol!  
I like that JaeChun having fun like that. It wasnt that they’re not serious while perform but it also part of their entertainment for fans, hehe.....

Different standing position.....At 1:33...funny dance from Chunnie, lol...At 1:56...OMG...Poor SU....his brothers playing again, hahaha....At 2:47....what are u doing Chunnie? Hahaha....and no more ball session. Lol.....
This time YC stood at JJ’s left side and JS stood at JJ’s right side.  Lol cheesy dance from Chunnie at 1.25 kekeke..At 1.58 as always Jaechun with their dorkiness lol..lmao chunnie at 2.47, he avoided those ribbons lol! I think ribbons have always loved him! Hahaha this reminds me of the ribbons during 2013 JYJ Membership Week.  In the end, YC said thank you so much.  JJ said both thank you and kamsahamnida again, as always
Eeehhh...why we have different time? Lol....Yeah, even ribbons love him, hahaha......

At the beginning LOL.....Did u feel hot Chunnie? At 1:51....wkwkwkk.....another cute Jae Chun’s moment. At 2: 44....OMG....hahaha....shake hand? lol... And after a lot of smiling, at the end....Always Keep The Faith.
Yea I think he’s feeling hot and folded up his sleeves. Awwww YC’s tattoo and chest *faints*  lol at 2.44 jaechun moments, these two are such dorks  Haha I love JJ’s smile when they were shaking hands. Lol for what is that shaking hands?! Urghhh YC’s chest tattoo is really distracting me in this vid and hehehe hello chunnips  we can even see a lil bit of his stomach lol…ahhh the ending what’s up with suddenly “always keep the faith” chunnie? His voice when he’s speaking English is sexy meh! After saying that ‘aktf’, he seemed like wanted to talk a lil bit more but just stopped there.  and at the very last when he made his mouth like that…aigoo wae so cute chunnie????
U always faint when see his tattoo and chest, so how come u can enjoy his performance when u already faint? Hahhaa......and omo another new, he seemed like wanted to talk a lil bit more....maybe he was confuse, wanna use english or Korean? Lol...or maybe he became speechless? ......but I think whatever reason for that, just say AKTP is already enough ChunNi....we know the meaning of that.

Los Angeles
At 1:58....look at JJ’s finger, hahaha....NO NO...Chunnie, hahaha.....but still Chunnie want to hold JJ’s
JJ’s NO NO! lololol Jaechun..i think YC wanted JJ to go first but JJ didn’t want to then YC grabbed his hands and let JJ walk in front of him.  The screaming when they held hands omg..hahaha…but the way YC took JJ’s hand is like he’s holding a girlfriend’s hand lol…so sweet..and as always only Jaechun, no Yoosu or Jaesu…poor baby Su, he just watched his 2 evil hyungs’s ok lah you already amazed the crowd with your voice Junsu..btw ooppsss I think I saw sucobra here…lololol *runssssssss
Yeah, I think that the reason. holding a girlfriend’s hand? Lol.......yeah, poor baby Su.....I hope someday he can revenge to his 2 evil

San Jose
Before the performance, we can see Chunnie bday celebration. But only YooSu who wore that Micky headband. Maybe JJ felt that thing doesnt suit him, lol .....Before 4:25.....I am waiting what Chun & JJ will do, hahha.....Even JS had a little giggle while singing, hehhe.....At 5:09...whats up on JJ’s eyes Chunnie?lol......Yeah, finally at 6:11....JS put the Micky headband on JJ’s head, hahaha.....but still he doesnt want to wear it? Or maybe coz  Chun hug JJ, it fell  hahaha.......Cute Ending.
Yoochun’s birthday!! OMG can hear YC speaking English here!!! Lol even though he just said multiple times thank you.  But he did ask the staff “who made the cake? You? Oh the fans? ” and thank you thank you again. Then can’t hear clearly what he said cos of too loud screaming from fans..erkkk..before they started singing JJ said Happy Birthday Micky! Omg that’s so weird to hear JJ called YC Micky! We can peek a boo on YC’s tattoo here..hehehe…Yoosu so cute singing wearing that Micky 4.24 what were Jaechun doing again? Lol and they made JS laughing! Owh at 5.09 I think YC told JJ he got that shining thingy on his face? This performance ended up with bromance moments, awwww so sweet! JS took from a fan that headband and put it on JJ’s head but he didn’t put it properly and made JJ uncomfortable lol.  In the end JS and YC were like persuading JJ to wear it? But JJ took it off, yea he felt uncomfortable maybe. Lol me and Ro got different pov on this..hahahaha…yup cute and sweet ending ^^  
I think he said...”he appreciate this?” but eehh....JS why u walk to that way, Chun wanna hug you.....hehe.....and yeah, kinda weird, heard JJ call Micky, hahha......

At 1:44....funny blocking, they were supposed to rotate their spot. Then  JJ and Chun were looking at the same spot, but JJ ran there first. Lol....At 1:54 Chunnie  still laughing. At 2:35, what did he think/see that made him laughing? Lol...
Were they playing a “First come, first serve” game at 1.44?? and YC gave up that spot and gave to JJ?  Lol..JJ why ran like that? So cute! At 1.54 YC was still laughing because of JJ I think, lol the way he ran.  And at 2.35 suddenly Chunnie laughing, don’t know what he saw actually lol.  By the way look at how YC put the mic at his lips, lucky mic! And his habit while singing, he likes to wink lol.  Omo his voice in the end! What did he say? Thank you and love you in Korean???? OMG even his voice is making me wild hahahaha XD
Yup.....lucky mic, hehehe......Yes Z, I think he said Gomawo & saranghaeyo with kinda holding tears’ voice? Even JS look at him when he said that.

Started with JJ’s smile. At 0:47...LOL....Chunnie, u dont remember the lyric? Hahha....Ahh....that bling2 mic....At 2:02....JaeChun’s hug and poor Jun Su, that time he saw at 2:08...dont be jealous, ur hyung will give u a hug too. Hehe...and this was the last concert they sang You’re before Tokyo Dome’s concert.
Nice smile from JJ.  Lol the way he nodded his head so cute! Yea Chunnie always like that when he forgot the lyrics lol, professional way of avoiding it. Hahaha. Bromance moments, aigoo JS so cute with that face! When Jaechun hugged he already was looking at them while singing and walking awkwardly near towards them and his face kinda like waiting and wanted to know if JJ will go hug him or not, then JJ went to hug him and he hugged back awkwardly! Lol then he ended up laughing while singing. What a cute Jaesu moment!  Everyone must see this! Cute shy Junsu lol.  This is one of Junsu’s charms, when he’s being himself he’s just so cute and like an innocent child ^^ Love Junsu’s smile at the end, it’s like he’s holding tears 
Hahha.....yeah, JS hugged back JJ awkwardly. Really cute shy JunSu......

Tokyo Dome
Yeah.....the ball session is back, hahaha....and plus that gun. Lol....At 1:51...Chunnie was playing the ball with JJ, lol...
This vid also started with JJ’s beautiful smiles, love it! Ball session, hahaha again Jaechun time after 2 years?! Lol….Jaechun throwing balls, YC got JJ’s ball but JJ didn’t get YC’s ball and can see YC laughing while pointing finger at JJ lol….YC why you didn’t throw balls to JS when you two surpassed each other? Gun was a new prop hahaha nice performance at Tokyo Dome ^^
I think coz his body already not on the position to turn around ? hahha.....

Yeah, that is our review from You’re...... And Priti’s fav sentence & I think the highlight of this song is this one...urin hanainikka...aka Because ....
Credit vids & pic to the owner.

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