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[Drama] [Review] Missing You


The 1st time to do this, hehehe.......I know I use REVIEW for the title but I think it's more my journey of IMU. 

let's start......


On August 20, 2012  I read on DramaBeans that YooChun considers new drama project. I only read the title but didn't read the article. My thought was only "OOhhh, that man from DBSK has a new drama. That's it & I didn't have interest for know more. A few days later I watched RTP and found out that I love this man.
I watched K-Drama from Winter Sonata's era than watched some of K-Drama . I am a picky person so there are a lot of K-Drama that I dropped after just some episode. Usually it's around eps.4, some because of the story, some because of the acting. But, I also had some K-Drama which I dropped after episode 12 or a few episode before the drama end. I know it was weird, hehhee......why I can't endure just for some episode until the end.
I also picky for like K-Actor. I like BYJ coz he was the 1st K-Actor I knew, hehehe.....but never want to join soompi or local forum. Than I found KJH. Actually I dropped KJH's drama before. The funny thing was the reason why I dropped his drama because he cry a lot on that drama ((90 days time to love is also a melodrama like IMU) and the reason why I love him on HGD because his cry scene, hehehe......and after 1 year I love him, finally I joined soompi.
But only 1 month for YC that I love him & join his thread. My 1st post was on September 23, 2012. and it was a coincidence that HGD & RTP were not REAL Saeguk. I don't really like the saeguk theme.

Then on September 26, 2012 I read on DB's that Yoo Chun confirms IMU and I got a very different feeling. That time I was so happy coz I only love him for some time and I didn't have to wait long for his new drama. After that I did my homework to find more about him. Watch his other drama. Download & watch all his vids....(but until now, there are still a lot of video that I had not seen yet) and all that time I was nervous about the leading lady. And after I knew that YEH is the leading lady, I was so happy. The same with K-Actor, I like only a few for K-Actress. and I don't know it just a coincidence or not,this time she will collaborate with the other K-Actor that I love.

When read IMU is a melodrama, I found it's OK, I will try it coz if I can endure 90 days, I think I can endure IMU too. (Melodrama is not my cup of tea although I watched some melodrama but it was better to avoid watch melodrama, hehehe......although for some rom-com drama, the story maybe a little chessy but I just can laugh of it, hehehe).

So, what is on your mind if you watch melodrama? For me, the list are: (for the character, sometimes similar with rom-com just minus a lot of cry scenes)

1. Coz on IMU, the theme is about 1st love , so there must be a child actor before our main lead appear . There is also have a time jump so I think the 1st time the couple will meet, there is must be a missunderstanding between the couple and they will bicker all the time before they know that person is actually their 1st love. And also there will be a lot of CRY scene.

2. The Lead Male will be some kind of HERO, must be very kind or jerk before he meet his 1st love. Maybe he already has a girlfriend although he's not love her too much or being a playboy.

3. The Lead Female will be a very kind girl. If she get slap I think she will OK with it & never slap back again. She will forgive all bad things happen with her. She's a very very goooddd girl. Usually Lead Male's mom also not nice to the female lead.

4. The 2nd Lead Male will be very nice to the Lead Girl and make some viewer have 2nd Lead Syndrome.

5. The 2nd Lead Girl will be a very annoying girl. Usually interfere with main couple relationship & make hard situation for the Lead Girl.

6. Others actor & actres usually are not important character. But, we need those character for the development of the story.

7.  Usually after the main couple back together & they start a new relationship, the story kinda boring for me and the ending usually tragic. DIE or Sick.

Then here we go. November 7th finally come. Before the drama 1st aired, I decided to try more active on IMU's thread & also encourage my self to try once again to make recaps with my style and with my limited English.  I knew that some bloggers maybe also make recaps for IMU but it's OK. Every Blogger has different style and I don't have a blog to support Yoo Chun's drama and soompi's thread was the only one International forum I knew.  So, the final decision was no matter what kind of story I will get, I will make recaps for the 1st time I watch YC's drama live although I knew that I will have some problem with the words. I knew that I'm not a good story teller & sometimes I have something to say but I don't know how to write it especially in English. So, forgive me if sometimes I did mistake with my grammar.

Then, these what we got on IMU.

1. The story........

Like usual melodrama, the story introduce us with our lead on their childhood (teenager). The boy from rich family & the girl from poor family and the main problem as usual, about MONEY. Then we encountered for the 1st time ever on K-Drama theme, we got RAPE scene. WOW.....the writer really brave to raised this theme. We got 4,5 episodes from the child actor and I didn't boring at all. Usually I've never notice when the child actor appear and want ASAP to see the grown up version. The child actor really did a good job with their acting.

And we were not only got a lot of CRY scene....but we also got a lot of CUTE, FUNNY, INTENSE scenes. So, if someone want to try to watch this drama, but afraid to cry on all episodes. My advice is DON'T BE AFRAID. It's melodrama after all, there must be a cry scene.
But we also can be an amateur detective for solve the case, hehehe.......

And NO misunderstanding between them when they 1st met. Our couple recognize each other only for 1-2 episodes. I like the pace of this drama. The writer didn't drag it.

Especially for the quote of this drama.

"I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because of the wind is blowing"

"Swaaa.....All your bad memories have been erased now. Now, you can make new memories...full of good ones"

" Jung Woo, what are you gonna do when it snows for the first time?"
2. The Lead Male.

wow...our Han Jung Woo....We get a coward lead male when he was 15 years old but it can understandable with the situation he was faced and with grown up Jung Woo, I love everything about him just like I love Park Yoo Chun as himself.  Everything about him is good. Just put all good words for a character. He has it all. He can be funny & he can also be so serious.
Our lead male is not a playboy coz he's still waiting for his 1st love and he's very good on waiting and Yoo Chun really did a great job on his acting.

3. The Lead Female.

Our lead female is a nice girl. She always hiding behind her hair because of her condition but she can brave enough to protect her only friend. She also a giving person. When she's grown up she's not afraid to slap.  This time our lead male don't have mom only have a step mom but this step mom always nice to our Lead Female.

4. The 2nd Lead Male.

Yeah, we also had a cute 2nd Lead the beginning our 2nd Lead Male was so nice with our Female Lead but after that the opposite things happen.
This time, our 2nd Lead Male who is the one giving the trouble for our couple.

5. The 2nd Lead Female....

On IMU, our 2nd Lead Female was not an annoying girl & she also didn't interfere our couple love story. Her part was like a messenger for our Lead Female. She always give information about our Lead Male although she didn't do it for 1 purpose.

6. Others Character.

I think only on IMU, I like others character. Their character give color for the story.  I think there are no any K-Drama had it.
Who has thought that we will get a story between our LM with our LF's mom? I think no one had thinking about it.
Usually if we have "mom" character, that character is the beginning of all the problem and when we got introduce for this character, she looked like not a good mom and especially after she hit our LM like that. I knew that because she sad and who knew after 14 years she become AEIN for our LM.
Also for the relationship between our LM with his friend and sister. Never boring to see their interaction.
Usually I only like the story between LM & LF but this time was so different. I didn't skip it all coz I really2 like it.

7. The Ending.

We always haunted by the scene from the trailer about our LM maybe will die and because IMU is a melodrama, I thought that maybe we must face it.
After all trouble, we got a happy ending. So, I'm  really2 happy. and our WooYeon's couple love story was not BORING at all for me.
LOVE every scenes they had.

The messages from IMU are:
1. How to love
2. Don't blame someone whose done nothing wrong.
3. How to face any problem you got & still survive after all.
4. Don't envy someone only for her/his goods.
5. How to wait
6. Don't put yourself always as a victim & pity yourself when you get trouble.
7. How to forgive

So, that's it my review for IMU. It's not an usual melodrama and it's really has a beautiful story and also give us some message.
and also a wonderful journey for me.

This is the things I do because IMU.


On the 1st pic, if you confused what is that? That is actually the colour of my nail, hahaha......Love PURPLE & GREEN with the water circle that SY always make.
On the 2nd pic, finally I can find yellow, red & green clothes peg, hahaha......

and I want to say.....


1. For the Writer, PD & all staff on IMU for gave us a beautiful story. Good direct, good cinematography, good editing (from a limited time) and all hard effort to make IMU from the beginning until the end.

2. For all the actors & actresses for good acting and hard effort to shooting on hard condition.

3. Last but not least...for all BOGOers....for always give the best of yours on this thread. Thank you for 3 precious months we spent together.

I image YOU ALL.



EDIT: For someone like me who don't like to write, I think I write a lot about IMU, hahaha.....Even I don't have a diary like SY, hahaha.....My work's agenda also empty. hahaha......

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