Sunday, September 22, 2013

[DRAMA] [REVIEW] RoofTop Prince

 image again CHUNSA.

Finally I write my reason for my own question., here it is....(I will make it as per number......)

Favorite Drama.....

My fav is not based on story or character but based on my journey/experience when I watched it.

1. Roof Top Prince

I think some of you already knew that my 1st Chun's drama was RTP. Actually I think it was my fate to love Chun. lol....Look at this pic.


The pics on the 1st row, it is from RTP eps. 13. The scene when LG ride cable car. The pics on the 2nd row, it is from my Korean collection photo. Usually I don't like take pic like Chun. He like to shoot scenery or something without people. Photography is not my hobby so if I want to take pic with scenery, the main focus on the pic must be ME and the scenery just as the background. hehehe......So, I have no idea the reason why I shoot some scenery that day. After back home, I lost my interest on K-Drama. Didn't watched any K-Drama for a few months. Then the time has come. Must choose between RTP or K2H. I decided to watch RTP. Before that I checked some information about that drama. I only knew that HJM play the LF and the story theme is time travel & also a fusion saeguk. I don't like pure saeguk but I had experience about fusion saeguk in Hong Gil Dong & I also like time travel theme. So, I thought I choose the right drama to bring back my interest on K-drama. Btw, as all you knew, I always picky to choose K-drama which I want to watch. I don't care if it has high rating or a lot of people said, the story is good and so on.....The choose must be from myself and so is the decision for continue watching or not.

Then I watched eps.1 .....started with a cat meowing on rooftop. Then the 1st time I saw Chunie....I didn't felt anything. Just found out that I like his voice. Then  got another YC on different time. oohhh....this man looks very different with his modern clothes & modern hair. Then the story goes on.....and eps.1 ended with the character leap on to different time. I thought..hei, I like the story so I must watch the 2nd episode. After that, it become my memorable journey. Especially after I saw those scenery on eps.13. Wow.....coincidentally I went on the same place. It's awesome. RTP shooting at that location a few week after I came to that place. So, the scenery looks a little different. When I went there, it was the beginning of Spring season so the leaves still has the brown colour & there was still a bit of snow that hasn't melted. So, the question is answered, I took the scenery picture because I become a new Chunsa and like Chun who like shoot scenery, I also become like that. hehehe.....

So, after all....RTP will always be on my number 1 fav of YC's drama. The 1st drama that made me knew him....


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